As the independent brand to break up the benchmarking enterprises, Guangzhou Automobile from the SUV rise to the current car and other markets to other forces, its development Sensor may be a way to the industry ideas. Rely on SUV breakthrough is already too many cases proved to be a breakthrough in their own brand of a road, but the current question is how to break into the stage after the sustainable development, after all, by 'walking on a single leg' not far away.
Huge increase in contrast is exposed by nowadays 'SUV become the only visible growth in the Chinese market.' In particular, the independent car prices, in a way, that runs through the 2016 'independent counterattack', SUV models undoubtedly play a 'commando' role. And the face of the current market environment, many independent brands have to experience the car SUV 'alone' hard. For the ambitious Guanghua Chuanqi, the 'rainy day' has Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor long been a habit. Reflected in the sales structure, that is, when the car market sales into a bottleneck, Chuan Qi brand has entered the car and SUV fly together era.

  Guanghua Chuanqi as Guangzhou high-end Zhi made business cards, not only hosted the 2017 summer Davos 'Guangzhou Night', and brought a high-end intellectual cars - '5 large urban SUV' Chuan Qi GS7 and ' 'Chuan Qi GE3. Prior to this, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi also as a leading brand of Chinese cars, to bring GA8, GS8 team debut this summer Davos Forum, and provide quality services to the world show China's high-end manufacturing strength and self-confidence. In the SUV market triumph at the same time, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi in the car market also create success. 'Chuan Qi style car ride' Chuan Qi GA6 May sales reached 3275, an increase of 212.8%, to obtain the best results in history, beyond the Geely Berry ranked first in the Chinese brand B-class car market; 'New era trader luxury car 'Chuan Qi GA8 sales in May 730, aspirations to the Chinese brand luxury car sales champion. In contrast to the strong growth of its own brand in the SUV market, cars, especially in the high-class car market is still under the control of joint venture brands, some independent brands rely on low-cost, low-end products to grab the car market share, but Chuanqi GA8 / GA6 two high-end The car's double win, go is not this routine. Compared with the same level of joint venture models, Chuan Qi GA6 bigger and more stable and more secure, powerful, low fuel consumption, in a full range of perfect posture; as a dare 5 years R \u0026 D flagship masterpiece, Chuan Qi GA8 on behalf of the brand Temperature Sensor the best Car level, and has a rare level of 5 years / 150,000 km long warranty, after the listing of the two national service, Xiamen Association, Asia-Europe Expo and the G20 summit and other international high-end event, with excellent quality and product strength, As 'China's high-end manufacturing strength card.'
   In the 'Guangzhou Night' activities on the scene, the World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Professor Schwab to experience the Chuanqi GS7 and new energy vehicles Chuanqi GE3, high-end intellectual level to the strength of Schwab was impressed. 'City collar show big 5 SUV' Chuan Qi GS7 and pure new energy vehicles Chuanqi GE3 shine at the scene debut, causing the audience attention. It is its high quality and super gas tough appearance, highlighting the luxury SUV bearing the high-end image, showing China's high-end manufacturing standards ABS Sensor and brand image. The same scene debut Chuan Qi GE3 is a new pure electric car platform to create its appearance with a new design, front face triangle with headlights plus the same design for the triangular fog lamp is unique, the overall design of the interior is more concise, it's Debut also stunning the scene.

  In fact, the Guangzhou Automobile Chuan Qi won the recognition of the international event, and its practice of 'quality leadership, innovation-driven, beyond the user expectations' concept inseparable, colleagues, but also to show their national brand innovation and cultural charm of the 'ingenuity quality 'Put forward the' new topic '. Whether it is in the car and SUV two markets full force, or in the field of new energy product layout, and even in the intelligent and other forward-looking technology technology accumulation, are consistent with the past, 'sustainable development' forward-looking strategic insight And bear in mind the initial interests of consumers.

  In this strategic system, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi as the Guangzhou Automobile Group's own brand's eldest son, will play an increasingly important role. As Yu Jun said at the Michelin summit, the pursuit of sustainable common prosperity Pressure Switch  is the ideal of the global automotive industry, but also the mission and responsibilities of Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi. The future will continue to adhere to the sustainable development strategy for the automotive industry symbiotic struggle and progress.