A few years ago, domestic auto companies, especially in the group of enterprises suddenly began to pop - 'big autonomy' concept, 'big east', 'big long', 'big steam' and so on, want to integrate its (or regional ) The autonomy Sensor of the business, the purpose is very simple, is hoping to self-business through the Baotuan heating, the formation of scale, so that the group level can get rid of completely dependent on the status of its joint venture.

  But the ideal is very full, the reality is very skinny, the development of the past few years, Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi, Guangzhou Automobile Gio, Guangzhou Automobile ZTE basic has been in a substantial state of shutdown, watching all Suction Control Valve the way high steam GS4, GS8 market performance , As well as the end consumer Chuan Qi brand high sense of identity, Guangzhou Automobile found, as if not Baotuan, alone Chuanqi brand will be able to achieve the target sales target of 2020 million ah.

  Recently, the media broke the news that the Guangzhou-Guangzhou passenger car will be officially renamed in September for the Guangzhou-chu-chi, although there is no more detailed information, but Gio, ZTE two brands is estimated to really come to the end of life. With the Chuan-chi brand selling and Gio, ZTE brand sales, Guangzhou Automobile has long been on the Gio, ZTE's original factory to upgrade. Guangzhou Automobile Chuanqi goal is to catch up with Guangfeng this year, catch up with the next year, Guangzhou Automobile Group's most competitive brands, but its original production line in Guangzhou, the production capacity (the current total annual production capacity 350,000, limit production capacity fuel metering valve  can be increased to 500,000) is not enough to support its future market sales targets, even with the new Urumqi plant (annual capacity of 50,000, poor planning can reach 100,000) Far, you know, the wide 2017 sales target may have been 690,000, to catch up with the wide, for the Guangzhou-chu-chi expansion capacity is imperative.

  Transformation of Guangzhou Automobile Gio Hangzhou factory (expected to complete the transformation in October), Guangzhou Automobile passenger car can get 200,000 of the production capacity, transformation of Guangzhou Automobile ZTE Yichang factory (at the beginning of the year, the transformation work has already begun), Guangzhou Automobile Chuan Qi can get 200,000 The production capacity of the vehicle, a rough calculation, all the factories all put into production, Guangzhou Automobile passenger cars with an annual capacity of just 1 million, for its 2020 annual sales target to eliminate the shackles of production capacity. And when the Guangzhou-Guangzhou passenger car in September officially renamed Guanghu Chuanqi, the Guangzhou-chuan Chuanqi will also justifiably have Hangzhou and Yichang two bases, coupled with the Guangzhou Temperature Sensor and Urumqi base, Guanghua Chuan Qi's poor layout will be more reasonable, South China, Central China and the northwest have a poor coverage, but also bound to be more conducive to open up the national market.

  Big steam can not get through, let the big Chuanqi to break it about it And the current trend to see the terminal market performance is good, the Group level enough attention to also give more resources tilt, the internal thriving positioning is also about to formally established.