Whether food businesses or pharmaceutical companies in Melbourne, Australia, hygiene is considered to be the biggest factor, which proves to be a headache for most of the owners. This makes it important for businesses like restaurants, cafes and pharmaceutical companies in Melbourne to choose right kind of shelving or racking solutions for installing those in their cold room facilities. It is widely observed as well as found that cold rooms require high quality of shelving systems to address organized space and hygienic issues.

Running busy operations and constantly striving to meet the demands have attracted various business owners in Melbourne for installing right kind of shelving or racking system in their cold storage facility. This helps the businesses to achieve a hygienic and organized space as well as suitably avoids health inspection nightmares.


What are the key features of effective cold room shelving?

  • Durable and strong structures
  • Flexible and can easily be configured as per the requirement
  • Made up of high resistant composite materials
  • Excellent storage and load resistant capacity
  • Solid corner connectors and reinforced hooks
  • Durable poly propylene and approved material grills & shelf plates
  • Extendable shelves, which proves great for modular use

How the Cool room shelving system will prove effective?

  • Provide hygienic storage solution
  • Help in maximizing storage space
  • Offers shelf stability with excellent load resistance capacity
  • Organized and clutter free look

Tips to find a right kind of cool room shelving systems:

Consider Space:

You should measure how much space is required to install the shelving systems before making the purchase. It is considered to be wise in buying shelves, which have options to be expanded.

Shelving Material:

Shelving systems in Australian market are available in different kind of materials like Zinc chromate, coated wire, anodized aluminum, stainless steel, polypropylene coated, composite (resin and fiberglass) etc. This makes it essential to alnalyze the positives of each material and selects the right type which suits your requirement.

Items to be Stored:

Based on what kind of products you are going to store on your cool room shelves, you should buy the shelving system to enjoy maximum benefits. This requires in understanding the safety regulations of the products, shelving materials and shelving types before making the purchase.

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