Indeed one's beauty can be obtained from a variety of businesses, one of which is to use a facial cleanser. Very much a product that offers facials like this. There was also a lot of good instruction on web pages or aesthetic doctor's instructions on how to do facial treatments. Thus, the desired beauty can be obtained. One thing that is always ascourge for many people is acne. Think about it, how many acne facial treatments that can tackle the sake of lowering the charm of a person. Certainly very much, isn’t it? Well, one of them is to use an anti-acne face cleanser.


There are many things you should consider in performing facial treatments, one is the selection of the right facial cleaning product with your skin type. In addition, try to use a combination of two kinds of good water for rinsing.


Choose plain or special face wash soap?


You must understand this. The plain soap you use for bath is actually not good for the face. Because, every product made by the company has its own purpose. Including the types of soap. The other thing is the level of acidity that is contained in the soap. It also depends on the type of facial skin you have. Other factors are different skin moisture everyone and indiscriminate use of soap which could result in lower levels of moisture.


Sometimes there are people matching using plain soap. But not a few who are allergic to use plain soap to wash up continuously. Therefore, we very encourage you to choose a soap designed specifically for facial treatments. It aims to ensure a good outcome for your face according to your expectations. Especially to ward off acnes and comedos.


Use warm water the rinse with regular one


Actually there is no specific guidance on how to use the water to wash face. A good idea to use both types of water. First, you can use warm water to open the pores of the face. Thus, the remnants of dirt or pollution and make-up can be cleaned with a facial cleanser you use. After that, you can rinse using cold water to close the pores and tighten your skin.


For the case of warm water, you have to make sure that the temperature is not too high. Because, water that is too hot can cause dryness of your skin. Moreover, if the skin that you have included in the sensitive skin types. It would be very dangerous to the widening of blood vessels in your face.


How to choose a good face cleanser?


One reason for choosing a facial cleanser product is for oily skin, comedo, and acne. Of course, you are also confused by the myriad of offerings from a variety of similar products. Therefore, consider a few things below before choosing these products are suitable and safe for your skin:


·         Make sure the type of skin and what they need. Whether to control excess oil, whether for blackheads or to remove acne


·         Look at the composition listed on the product label. Make sure there are no hazardous materials such as mercury and alcohol.


·         Choose a cleanser soft texture and smoothness. Typically the product will be named with a facial scrub. That is, the product is designed for the softness of the skin, in addition to its main purpose.


·         Do not be tempted by low prices. Because, many products are on the lure of low prices but it can make your skin chaotic.






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