Bath towels aren’t usually given much thought when furnishing a bathroom. However, choosing a good quality towel has several benefits. They have two functions, one in the more traditional sense, to dry off after a shower or bath and the second,as decor for your bathroom. Follow these steps to pick the best towels for your daily use.

Fabric Weight

Towels designed for different purposes are made with different fabrics. Cotton towels are used as hand and body towels, while linen ones are used to dry dishes. Towels can be measured with a unit called GSM, or fabric weight, which denotes the density of the fabric. Those with a lower fabric weight are normally for beach use or to dry off after a day’s strenuous exercise. They are usually lightweight. Towels with a heavier fabric weight are most often reserved for home use and can be found in the master bathroomor stacked in spas.

DifferentiateBetween High And Low Quality

When shopping for a towel, touch its surface to determine its quality. A good quality towel will feel soft, silky and slightly heavy, while a poor quality one will be rough to the touch and feel like cardboard or canvas. Also look at the fibres; if they stand up and are longer, this means its absorbency level is good. A towel with poor absorbency will have flat fibres and will not do its job efficiently. Therefore, choose carefully when shopping for towels.

Fabric Quality

As mentioned above, most hand and body towels are made of cotton. Affordable towels designed for daily use will be made of standard cotton, while luxury towels come in other varieties. The look and feel of these will differ as well. Egyptian and Turkish towels are normally the most pricey and luxurious, with long fibres and a fluffy feel. Also check the label to determine that the fabric used is 100 percent and that it has not been mixed with synthetic fibres. If you happen to be eco-friendly, there are also hemp and bamboo towels available in the market. Thus, you have a variety of different fabrics to choose from.

Synthetic Towels 

These towels can be just as effective as their natural counterparts. They are made of engineered fibres and are usually not as heavy as cotton towels and are also thinner. They have a soft texture and good absorbency and are very effective when drying your hair after a bath or swim.

 As Decor

Towels are a stylish and cost-effective way to complete the look of your bathroom. They can be used to add colour to a dull monochrome bathroom or to complement the decor of a more adventurous bathroom. You can have a lot of fun with choosing towels to accessorize your bathroom. Decorate with a stack of towels in matching colours, such as blue and green. Otherwise, you can stick to full white towels for a more classic look. 

All in all, keep these points in mind so that you can pick the best towels to suit your needs and tastes.