If you haven’t been to a festival before, or haven’t been to one for a while and can’t remember what you’re going to expect – this guide should help you with everything you need to know for going to a festival abroad.

Tickets and Passport

These of courses the most obvious things you will need when going to a festival abroad, but it is vital that you keep you are fully organised when it comes to these things. The reason for this is that with the majority of festivals abroad, you can get flights and festival tickets together. This then means that when you are entering the festival, security will ask to see both your ticket and passport to make sure that they match up. When inside the festival you and everyone else will be given festival wristbands, which allows you to put your passport safely away.

Camping Equipment 

The majority of festivals have camp sites where you will stay throughout the duration of the festival. It is important that you have the essential things packed when going to the festival, these are a: tent, pillow, sleeping bag, roll mat, tinned & dry foods and a camping chair. Some of these things can be a hassle to pack, so it may be a good idea to instead purchase them when you land in the country where the festival is taking place.

Keep Your Expensive Goods at Home

If you have any expensive items, it is not a good idea to bring them along with you to the festival. This could be your mobile phone, which may be very expensive. Obviously your phone will be the main way for you to stay in contact with friends & family at home – so you may want to purchase a cheap phone to use just for the duration of the festival. It is imperative to keep any expensive jewelry safe at home. This is because small items such as earrings or loose diamonds can be easily lost when at a festival.