Trogir is one of those places you have to visit when in Croatia. It is a marvelous medieval town located 30 KM from Split and just 10 KM from Split Airport. As a true testament to its unique nature, the entire town is a UNESCO protected heritage site. As such, walking in the town is like walking in a big monument as there exists old churches, palaces and fortification towers. The town is located on the islet between Ciovo Island and the Mainland, with a bridge connection to either side. 


The optimal time of visiting Trogir is during summer, preferably at the beginning of the September. At this period of the year, there is a lesser crowd, really nice weather and best of all; the sea is still warm!

Accommodation & Food

The accommodation available on the island is reflective of the nature of the town. There are several comfortable 2 Star, 3 Star, and 1 4 Star hotel depending on your liking and budget. During the peak season when the hotels are booked to capacity, you can still find accommodation in some rental apartments. Also, you can stay in Ciovo Islands which is just a bridge away and has lovely accommodation facilities plus tasty Croatian food.

What to do

As a universal heritage site, the town has a lot to offer to the culture-loving traveler. When moving around the city in the narrow streets, you get to admire the architecture of old buildings in the town. Another way of experiencing Trogir culture is talking to the locals as some do speak English. Furthermore, to experience the culture, you don’t have to understand the language as observation and participation are also ways of experiencing the culture. As an alternative, you can walk around the town with a guide.

Trogir has beautiful scenery, and the best way to enjoy the scenery is by sailing around the old town and exploring the island using a boat or a yacht. There are many charter in Croatia from which you can rent a sailing vessel to facilitate and improve your adventure.

For those like me who travel isn’t complete without taking to the waters, there are beaches you can visit. While you won’t find any beach in the old town, you will be spoilt for choice just a few kilometers from the town. In Seget Donji village, 4 KM from the old town, you will find Madema beach. The only problem you might face here is overcrowding. If overcrowding isn’t for you, then Kava should do it. Kava beach is located in Slatina which is the other side of the island.

What to Prepare for

When heading to Trogir, be prepared for big crowds as it’s a popular town for both Croatians and tourists alike.  Also, you might experience some parking problems. Being an old small town, the number of parking spaces is not equivalent to the number of potential guests. Even the Ciovo island which has many rental apartments doesn’t have enough parking space. However, there are parking spots in relative proximity to the old town. In the mainland, there are several parking spots which are relatively cheaper than parking in the old town. Parking in the old town costs around $2 an hour, while on the mainland, it costs around $1 depending on seasonality.