Although Tesla has always been promoting its own driving skills, but the exposure of several automatic driving accident is still controversial. Through the 'hacker' technology on the Tesla automatic driving sensor interference, making Tesla directly hit the front 50 cm of the obstacles. Tesla sensor system needs sensors, millimeter-wave radar, camera and other parts Sensor with the information through, Tesla will make the alarm, brake and other reactions, but in the 'hacker' simple interference, the sensor 'blinding' , There will be false positives.

  In fact, in the absence of 'hacker' interference, automatic driving will also have a lot of problems, several automatic driving caused by the accident, because the sensor is disturbed and the car in the decision-making algorithm on the exception. Although autopilot technology is currently the hottest car technology, but there are still many defects, can not be autopilot as unmanned, at this stage is still only auxiliary driving means. When driving Tesla, with automatic driving system to test, in the light, backlight driving, Tesla's camera will be invalid, the loss of the ability Suction Control Valve to predict obstacles; access to the highway main road, also need to Steering wheel to control; In addition, the corner is greater than 45 degrees, if not manually control the steering wheel, most of the time, the car will be straight out.

  In addition to the current Tesla, there are many traditional car manufacturers in the automatic driving technology research and development, and Tesla through the market to obtain large data to improve the product of different Internet thinking, traditional manufacturers Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor are more inclined to test the area for new testing , So Liu Jianhao that by 2025, there will be more than 70% of the vehicles are likely to achieve full automatic driving.

The following is the correct posture for using autopilot:

1. To enable automatic driving to do the auxiliary driving, the first must pay attention to the situation on the road.

2. In the light, backlighting to pay attention to control the steering wheel and speed.

3. Auxiliary driving when the steering, corner angle greater than 45 ° need to control the steering wheel.

4. High-speed driving lane to maintain the function to control the distance before the car, the feet should be placed on the brakes.

5. With the car when turning hands on the steering wheel, to prevent the fuel metering valve surrounding car suddenly sprang.

6. Access to the main road of the highway, the need to control the steering wheel, auxiliary driving may not be able to determine the obstacles.

7. In the high-speed road driving, you must enter the official lane and then start the automatic driving function.

8. In the high-speed road to start automaticTemperature Sensor  driving mode, in the change channel, pay attention to the front and rear vehicle distance.

9. In the current state of the art, it is advisable to enable the autopilot system with good road conditions to ensure safe driving.

10. Select the appropriate front of the vehicle to follow, and then lock open ABS Sensor the automatic driving function, do not follow the bus, truck and other special vehicles.