Hey y'all, so my advisor group at school today took a picture and when I saw myself I was floored, I seriously wanted to start bawling. My body was mostly hidden because of where I was standing/baggy clothing, but my face was LITERALLY TWICE THE SIZE of the other's girls' faces. I apparently look very overweight, at least in my face (which sucks because I'm actually underweight). 

Anyway, do you have face-slimming advice for me? I have whitefish blonde hair and very dark brown hair (naturally) underneath, brown eyes, very pale skin, about 5'5-5'6. I would post a photo but I am humiliated to be looking this way. I understand the easiest way to fix this to cut back on purging, but I can't do that right now, I purge usually on average twice a day.


Please Help

Thanks in advance


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