(ABS), drive anti-slip brick control (ASR), four-wheel drive or with electronic stability program (ESP) of the car, in addition to the wheel sensor are equipped with Hall acceleration sensor to measure the car Sensor  The longitudinal and lateral acceleration when driving.
  Hall element is a Hall-based magnetic sensor, has developed into a variety of magnetic sensor product family, and has been widely used. With them they can detect magnetic fields and their variations, and can be used in a variety of magnetic fields. The Hall device is based on the Hall effect. Hall devices have many advantages, their structure is solid, small size, light weight, long life, easy installation, low power consumption, high frequency, vibration, not afraid of dust, oil, water vapor and salt spray pollution or corrosion.

Hall devices and working magnets between the movement, Hall linear devices with high accuracy, good linearity; Hall switching devices without contact, no wear, clear output waveform, no jitter, no hammer, high repeat position accuracy. The Hall device with various compensation Suction Control Valve and protection measures has a wide operating temperature range. According to Hall function, they can be divided into: Hall linear device and Hall switch device. The former outputs the analog quantity, which outputs the digital quantity.
  The magnets are placed on the back of the Hall device, and their applications can be divided into direct and indirect applications depending on the nature of the object being tested. The former is directly detected by the detection of the object itself, the magnetic field or magnetic properties, the latter is to detect the object on the object set by the magnetic field, with the magnetic field Temperature Sensor to be detected information carrier, through it, many non-electrical, non-magnetic Such as force, torque, stress, stress, position, displacement, speed, acceleration, angle, angular velocity, speed, speed and working time change, etc., into electricity to detect and control.

  Structural principle and static characteristic curve, the use of 'elastic' fixed spring-mass system in Hall acceleration sensors. Hall acceleration sensor has a vertical strip of the spring, one end of the clamping, the other end of the fixed permanent magnet, as the vibration quality. On the permanent magnet Speed Sensor is a Hall sensor with a signal processing integrated circuit, with a copper damping plate below it.
  If the sensor senses lateral acceleration, the sensor's spring mass system is inexpensive to leave its rest position. The degree of cheapness is related to the magnitude of the acceleration. The moving magnet produces Hall voltage in the Hal element and is processed by the signal processing circuit to output Throttle Position Sensor the signal voltage, which increases linearly with increasing acceleration. Acceleration range of about ± 1g, the sensor frequency is very low, only a few hertz, and by the point of dynamic damping.