Every morning anxious car owners often encounter such a problem, the ignition start to play several times to start, in addition to fuel consumption is too high, climbing weakness, or parked after  Sensor  a few days simply can not start, To ON position and other issues. These problems waste valuable time do not say, there may be a security risk.

    Some people usually driving hot and cold. Every time on the train, plug the key, a spin in place, the point of fire to start. Recently found the car started up more difficult to play several times to start the fire. Sometimes, on a business trip, the car in the garage for a long time, need to play more times. Even after the success of the start, that power than before the decline in the ramp when the feeling was soft. In the exclusion of air conditioning, the impact of power factors, the car will be sent to the 4S shop to repair several times, maintenance staff did not find any problems to. The problem lies Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor in the way the keys are on fire. Most people are accustomed to insert the key immediately on the fire. In fact, this is not true. Even now popular one-button start system, can not immediately fire, otherwise it will hurt the engine.

A few years this is due to the engine is still in a cooling state, especially the long parking time of the car, the engine operating parameters, and the previous day's hot state is completely different, each sensor to be readjusted, if inserted into the key start, the engine The run parameter is abnormal for the raw data, which will fail to start or fail to start multiple times. Even if the success of the start, it will cause excessive fuel consumption or engine overheating. Because the computer has automatic memory function, long-term, the wrong data will overwrite the original ABS Sensor correct data, eventually leading to climbing weakness, fuel consumption, serious carbon deposition, engine overheating and other soft faults. And this failure is difficult to find the judge, even overhaul the engine can not rule out the failure.

       The correct method of ignition is: insert the key rotation to the ACC stop, wait 2-3 seconds or so, so that the main power relay contacts in a solid contact, so that the first part of the need to power the device power; continue to turn the key to ON, 6-10 seconds, so that the pump relay pull, waiting for each sensor to adjust the state is completed, the key to START to the engine after the continuous operation to return to ON, under the guidance of the computer, automatically adjust the optimal position and The best parameters, and finally successfully start the engine. However, for temporary or short time Throttle Position Sensor  after the parking can not pause, just observe the dashboard on the yellow signal goes out, you can quickly start.

       Insert the car keys but not twist, a little hard, did not expect to break the key. This can not be turned with the steering wheel is a reason, need to retreat into, and turn the key to the opposite direction can be turned. Therefore, if the insert can not turn the key, do not force twist, you can turn the steering wheel side turn the key, you can easily solve.