Welcome to Hanoi points of interest, a city that is known for its peaceful corners. Explore top things to do from the temple of literature, the Hoan Kiem lake with the pagoda, the Ho Chi Minh mausoleum and the water puppetry theater that are probably on the list of every visitor. Also the French colonial buildings are worth seeing: the cathedral, the opera house, history museum, the government guest house, the metropolis hotel and the ocher-colored city villas. Most of the sights are close to each other, so you can reach them on foot or by a short motorcycle taxis or simply book a Vietnam day trips let the rest to your tour guide.

The Old Town is located on the north of Hoan Kiem Lake with adjoining streets that today are the most vibrant neighborhood full of shops where travelers mainly get their souvenirs, clothes, shoes, bags, books and CDs. Also, many restaurants, pubs, hotels, travel agencies and some traditional craft shops are located within the Hanoi old quarter. The area was once the district reserved for the thirty-six tradesmen that can still be recognized by their street names; so is the Hang Bac for silversmiths, the Hang Ma for paper-making and the Hang Dao for Silk Tailors.

Hanoi Sights, Points Of Interest & Places To Visit

Once in Hanoi, visitors have opportunity to get to know a proud capital and charming capital of Vietnam, which in 2010 generously celebrated its 1000th anniversary. Despite the influence of many siege powers from different parts of the world, the inhabitants of Hanoi have successfully maintained their own culture and society. Hanoi is considered to be the most important cultural center of Vietnam, with a large number of universities, some of which are ancient, partly under French rule, and partly after the Communist takeover of the country. The page Hanoi points of interest including must see sites as well as historic, lakes and some old houses.

Other points of interest in Hanoi include the Ho Chi Minh worship and socialism, such as the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Vietnamese Revolution Museum and the Lenin statue, with its adjacent park. Even far away from the socialist elements of the city, however, there is much to discover, for example in the “Old Quarter”, the Museum of Vietnamese History and other parts of the city, which are described in more detail in the following section.