Couldn't  think of anywhere else to put this...

Congrats to everyone at Boomeon...tomorrow is  (y)our anniversary.

I, for one, have found the staff very responsive and helpful.

To my fellow members:

The thing about a social network site is, no matter how diligent the staff, it only 'works' if members participate.
I see groups started but no follow up. My two groups have members who have never said a word in any discussion.  And yes, I know that typically barely 10% participate...but still it's feedback loop thing...if posts only get a few response...the creator of the group isn't as motivated to continue to try and engage others. By the same token when people respond to one's posts whether discussions or's only mannerly to at least acknowledge them...even if just 'thank you all for your comments'.  I usually try to keep the discussion going by referring to something in the person's comments, but the people, at this point that I tend to have longer 'dialogues' with are usually those I've known for years on other sites. 

So,  how about a New Year's Resolution to interact more here?  I started 'working at it' several weeks back but plan to continue in the New Year.  I'm kind of getting burned out on FB and some of their new policies bug I'd like to be a part of community where REAL conversations take place...that requires responsive 'others'.