Teachers Day is seen on September 5 and the festivals was begun since 1962 in regard of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was conceived on fifth September, 1988. He was an incredible researcher and a perfect master who was additionally respected with Bharat Ratna in 1954. He turned into the second President of India in 1962 and thus Indians celebrate this day to pay regard towards teacher or masters the nation over who have supported their life somehow or the else. 

It is an exceptional day wherein pupils value their teachers and respect their uncommon commitments. On this day, pupils have different festivals in schools and thank their masters for their accomplishments. Teachers' day is an exceptional day to welcome the general population who give us learning and celebrate to respect them for their awesome commitments in their particular field. On this propitious day, pupils express their affection for their master by giving some exceptional cards, blessings, blooms and so forth 

On this promising day, we have a rundown of Happy Teachers Day 2017 Quotes, Best Teachers Day Messages, WhatsApp and Facebook Status, Quotes, wishes, SMSes and welcome which you can send to your masters and say thanks to them for what you are today. Upbeat Teachers Day to every last master out there!


Teachers teach me, teachers help me,

Show me what to do

Teachers make my life much better,

Teachers, I need you.

To teach me how to change my world

It’s something you all can do.

Teachers teach me, teachers love me,

Teachers make me new.

Happy Teachers Day 2017!


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Teacher Is Lamp Of Nation.

Teacher Only One Person Who 

Serve Society In Real Manner.

Salute All Teachers Of Nation.

Happy Teachers Day 2017!


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Teaching Is Leaving A Vestige Of One Self

In The Development Of Another.

And Surely The Student Is A Bank Where

You Can Deposit Your Most

Precious Treasures.

Happy Teachers Day 2017!


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My child’s future is so much

brighter because of you. Thank you 

for being an outstanding teacher. 

Best wishes for Teachers Day.


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Today I celebrate you for being 

selfless, devoted, hardworking, 

and the wisest person in the classroom. 

I am grateful to be your student.

Happy Teacher’s Day 2017!


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We Are The First Teacher Of Our Child…

We Teach Them Values,

Teach Them To Smile,

Love, Care, Respect And To Be A Good Human Being

So Happy Teachers Day To All The Mummies..