He is not talented enough with the ball to take his defender one-on-one, he needs to have a step on the opposition. His lanky body makes it difficult to gain position in the post, and he an efficient player in
NBA Live Mobile Coins traffic.Nogueira, though, may be much more useful as a defender in the pros.


He has a wingspan of 7'6" and has great timing as a shot blocker. The Brazilian blocked 3.3 shots per 40 minutes. He also averages one steal a game per 40 minutes, making him a very versatile player in the post. Nogueira is a fine shot blocker, but once that ball hits the rim, he is doomed. His undeveloped body allows him to get pushed around by his opponents. He must put on weight because a near-7'0 big can't be grabbing three rebounds per game.



6'11 with a 7'5 wingspan, Nogueira has entered the NBA draft for a second time. He entered in 2011 before withdrawing, having never secured a commitment from a team to be selected in the first round. Now its 2013, and the rules state that if you withdraw once, you can't do it again. Nogueira has had his doubters for a while now.


While he is long and athletic, his effort level is inconsistent, and he is rail thin. Still, there is talk that he has matured a bit and his offensive game has slowly evolved over the years. He plays in the top league in  NBA 2K MT Spain and has held his own.


If the Cavs took him with the 31st or 33rd pick, he could stay over in Spain for a while and the team could monitor his progress. Maybe he puts it all together, maybe he doesn't. But athletic dudes who can protect the rim and rebound don't grow on trees.