Be it any individual of any age, it is important to estimate the severity and duration of pain before starting with low back pain treatment. Moreover, a lot many factors are also taken care of. Whether it’s short-term back pain or long term, treatment of each varies from person to person. Let’s know more about these below.

Short-term back pain

Generally, we take over-the-counter painkillers or some home remedies to beat the pain. While, some people get relief, others struggle to lower the pain and feel better. If you get relief, there’s nothing to worry about but if you are not able to overcome the discomfort, here is what to do:

Keep moving: Gone are the days when bed rest was the best option to settle the pain. It’s proven that people who remain active recover quickly. Be slow initially and try to move around as soon as you can and try pushing yourself little more every other day. Going back to work will also help by distracting you from the pain.

Long-term back pain

If the pain lasts for more than six weeks, your doctor will suggest specific painkillers. As per herniated disc treatment Cary, trying the following options are very beneficial:

1. Regular exercise: Exercise done under the supervision of a qualified instructor helps. With knowledge of exercises to strengthen muscles and improve posture, it is easy to eliminate the pain.  Stretching exercise and aerobics are also helpful. 

2. Manual therapy: Therapies such as mobilization, manipulation and massage done by osteopaths, chiropractors and orphysiotherapists are excellent for curing the problem.

3. Acupuncture: It reduces the lower back pain by inserting fine needles at different points in the body.

If you are dealing with sever back pain and fed up with trying various alternatives, trying these options will definitely help. Not only you will feel better but will also carry out daily activities more efficiently.