Hearing aids battery sales help for grow up your Business

Hi friends today I am going to cover the topic how to use hearing aids battery as a tool to grow your business. The next one is how you can use batteries to strengthen your relation with your patient. As an audiologist made a bond between your patient and you.



 We will discuss what point you need to consider in choosing the right battery partner to help you to achieve your professional goal. Patient retention is crucial to your observe. By giving batteries, you'll be able to produce worth for your existing customers by providing an answer to their would like. You offer your patients a reason to come back to you. Promoting batteries conjointly offer you a further touch-point along with your patients. Batteries conjointly produce happy, loyal patients. Loyal patients tend to remain with you longer and pay less attention to competitive offerings they receive within the mail. As you will apprehend, it prices a lot of less to retain associate existing patient than to realize a replacement one.   By giving batteries, you'll be able to offer a reason for your patients to refer others to you. It’s a straightforward thanks to herald new business.

Your patients can still would like batteries. How will hearing aid batteries play a job in strengthening your relationship along with your patients? Batteries ought to be one among your business' best practices. Here is one issue to place confidence in  your current observe. Square measure your patients loyal to you, and is your observe top-of-mind once they square measure wondering their next hearing aid? If one among their friends or family asks them UN agency they're going to for his or her hearing aids, square measure they thinking of you? If half your patient’s square measure presently going elsewhere for his or her batteries wherever can they're going once it's time to get their next hearing aid? If they're hoping on you for batteries, they're reaching to be thinking of you a lot of usually, that is unquestionably one thing you would like them to try and do.

A good place to start out would be with bench marking your business. Let’s observe with some sample knowledge. First, you may get to enter within the range of hearing aids sold for the past five years. Let’s say for the present year you sold (or expect to sell) 350 hearing aids. Perhaps last year was a slower year with the economy, thus you sold 340. The year before that, 280. The year before that was a more robust year, thus we have a tendency to square measure reaching to combine it up and say that you just sold 350 that year. 5 years gone, you sold 320. Total those numbers and you come back up with 1,640 hearing aids sold.

Now you'll be able to investigate what percentage batteries you have got sold, per individual cell. For our example, let’s say you sold 6,000 batteries. We have a tendency to do realize that this could be the national average.

Per client, we have a tendency to square measure seeing a mean of concerning thirty six batteries used per aid during a year. A number of the newer aids with advanced technology and value-added accessories could use a lot of, however thirty six batteries per hearing aid could be a sensible average start line and can offer you a fairly sensible plan of your potential battery market. During this example, if you sold 1,640 hearing aids, your potential battery sales would be 1,640 x 36 or over 59,000 annually. From that, we are able to go down and see that if the sample potential market was 59,000 you have got concerning St Martin's Day market-share supported your sales of 6000. Next, calculate your ratio. If batteries sell at 65 per battery and also the clinic is creating a five hundredth margin that is pretty cheap, this clinic may have created 1,885,000 Rupees’ in benefit from batteries alone. It’s positively a major quantity of cash.

Customized Battery Cards:

paste label battery card with your company name and contact detail when time is to boost your business then this is best way to keep your service in front of your customer for purchasing hearing aids as well as hearing aids battery.


Gives offer in large pack sizes because its gives multiple benefit for consumer. Larger pack provides best price per battery, a good selling point and loyalty builder for customer.

Advertising Support

Advertisement support is play an important role to grow up your business overall battery program. Determine if your manufacturer partner helps to build brand awareness and loyalty among your patients and customers through advertising / cooperative advertising programs.

On-Line Ordering:

Online ordering is becoming a useful option for re-ordering batteries. Some dispensing professionals may find it particularly useful to have a battery partner that offers online ordering for ease and convenience in supplying hearing aid battery needs.


So, you've sold your patient a hearing aid that will improve their quality of life. Why stop there? Offer all of your patients and customers the convenience and benefits of one-stop shopping and increase your profits at the same time. Harness the power of hearing aid battery sales and build a better business.


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