The heart is caged,

Behind so many bony bars.

Yet still it can be cut and slashed,

then left so full of scars.

We all have our turn left bleeding,

Our souls pouring on the floor.

As the one we loved so much,

passes through our door.

The tears go rolling down our face,

Dripping off our chin.

Every thought inside our head,

Saying it’s the end.

The joy in life forever gone,

How can love be again?

Is there anybody anywhere,

Who has a heart to lend?

Every time I show it,

it gets another burn.

Why do I refuse to see,

Why is it I can’t learn?

Lost upon these desolate shores,

I forever sail alone.

A very very lonely soul,

a heart that knows no home.

A tall and raging water fall,

Seething emotions foam.

Not a single drop of love,

Can to my heart be shone.

As the emotion we most live for,

Strains through endless sands,

A sun that lights our sky above,

Departs for distant lands.

I’m now left standing by myself,

a lonely broken man.

Giving love to someone else,

I no longer think I can.

My heart broken to many times,

Now lost forever more.

A sweet old man that lives alone,

A bachelor to the core.


Copyright ©2007 Rew