Time fleeting, with the arrival of eleven long holidays, we will enter the last quarter of 2017. In accordance with past practice, the major car prices will also be put during this period Sensor a section of 'blockbuster', while continuing to enhance the market heat at the same time, boost sales growth this year.

   The new MG 6 is the replacement of the famous MG 6 models, body length and width were 4695 * 1848 * 1462mm, the wheelbase of 2715mm. The appearance of the use of similar to the MG and ZS shield grille, the internal selection of grid-like style, brand LOGO mosaic in the central position, and through the chrome trim and far and near the light headlamp group connected. Front under the bumper with a silver under the protection board, fog light area also with a black surrounded. Roofs use the popular hatchback design, shoulder line back stretch. Tail with chrome trim to connect both sides of the taillight, exhaust layout for the bilateral total of two out, the tail of the selected parallelogram shape, and wrapped chrome material. Interior with a large area of ​​soft material coating, high-end sports car double suture treatment and turbine air conditioning outlet. Large size LCD multimedia screen integrated fuel metering valve the latest zebra smart line 2.0 Internet system. With fine voice control, remote control, intelligent maps and other functions, but also unlimited iterative upgrade to meet the needs of instant messaging synchronization. Power system equipped with SAIC 'blue core' SGE 20T (1.5T turbocharged) engine, the maximum power up to 124kW, peak torque of 250Nm, the transmission system matching 7-speed dual clutch gearbox.

  S1 is Geely's new cross-border SUV, the main young consumer groups, body length and width were 4465 * 1800 * 1535mm, wheelbase to 2668mm. Front face with water droplets ripple-type grille, the front bumper for the through design, and equipped with 'back' pattern decoration. Headlights group selection of far and near light one, the internal turn signal from the four strip crystal composition, daytime running lights were band light source. Car side of the waist line from the front fender through to the tail, showing a rising trend. The roof is equipped with a luggage rack and a rear spoiler, and the B-pillar is blackened. Tail design rich sense of tail, tail lights showing a split structure. Central control by a single horizontal silver trim is divided into two layers, with 8-inch high-definition touch screen, the top of the air conditioning outlet. The instrument area Temperature Sensor is equipped with a 7-inch color LCD screen to display vehicle information. Steering wheel for the three-spoke design, and into the chrome decoration, flat shape to add a sense of movement. Powered 1.5L naturally aspirated and 1.4T turbocharged engine, of which 1.4T engine maximum power of 98kW, peak torque of 215Nm.

  Red flag H5 appearance retains most of the B-Concept concept car design elements, the front face of the engine cover to retain the banner style of the logo logo, straight waterfall grille into the traditional Chinese fan elements. The slender headlamps are connected to the air intake grille and are integrated with LED daytime running lights. Front bumper through design is connected to both sides of the fog lamp area. Tail the overall bias in the Coupe shape of the 'back' design, irregular style LED taillights and headlights group echoes. Bilateral two out of the exhaust layout, to chrome elements wrapped, highlight the sports style. Interior Pressure Sensor as a whole black, dashboard equipped with a color electronic LCD screen, can display vehicle-related information. Three-spoke multi-function flat steering wheel with control keys on both sides. Central touch LCD screen with a vertical design, and integrated Bluetooth, navigation, audio and video entertainment and other useful features.
   The new generation of XC60 based on the latest Volvo SPA platform to build, length and width were 4688 * 1902 * 1658mm, wheelbase 2865mm. The appearance of the Volvo family using the latest design language, with 'Quake' headlamps and 'Viking's ax' taillights group. Large size front grille connected with the two sides of the lamp group, the internal use of straight waterfall and dot matrix two models. Body side lines are more straight, equipped with 8-spoke two-color wheels. The exhaust ports on both sides of the tail are larger in size and are decorated with chrome. The new generation of XC60 interior is very simple Nordic style, the console side of the driver side of the design, operation more convenient. Three-spoke multi-function steering wheel, the use of white suture process. Embedded control screen integrated new generation of full touch SENSUS system, excellent sensitivity. Power T4 / T5 / T8 engine, which T4 engine maximum power 140kW, peak torque 300Nm, T5 engine maximum power of 187kW, peak torque of 350Nm, are matching 8-speed manual gearbox.

  The new generation of Camry is the eighth generation of Camry family models, the front face with Toyota KEEN LOOK family design, with a larger size under the air grille. The headlamps are designed to be sharper and connected to the flying wing front grille. Tail design sports sense of strong, slender tail light is particularly delicate. Sports version of the model is equipped with a more exaggerated front face shape, the tail with a total of four out of the exhaust layout. The interior offers three colors of beige, black and red, with red for XSE models. Configuration, the whole system comes standard with the safety safety kit Toyota Safety Sense, 10 airbags, the whole window a key lift, EPB electronic parking Throttle Position Sensor and front and rear USB fast charge socket. Power system will provide 2.0L, 2.5L petrol version and 2.5L mixed version of choice, including 2.5L petrol engine has a maximum of 40% thermal efficiency, maximum power 150kW, peak torque 250Nm. Mixed version is equipped with a new 2.5L hybrid system, thermal efficiency is as high as 41%.