August 23, 'Anhui Province artificial intelligence industry development plan (2017 - 2025)' for the community for comments. According to the plan, our province will build 'one nuclear two areas more' artificial intelligence (AI) industry layout, Hefei will become the core area of ​​development. The future, our province will support JAC, Chery smart pilot car pilot. According to the plan, the future of the province of artificial intelligence industry will focus on creating 'one nuclear two areas more' industrial layout. 'One nuclear' refers to Hefei (including high-tech zones, by the open area), for the core area Sensor of ​​artificial intelligence industry development, set artificial intelligence chip research and development, algorithm development, intelligent sensor research and development, open platform construction and artificial intelligence industry applications as one , The construction of artificial intelligence industry, the whole industry chain of high-tech enterprise gathering.

The 'two districts' refers to Wuhu and Ma On Shan two cities, for intelligent industrial robots and special robot industry gathering area. According to the characteristics of the two cities of the industrial base, to promote the local robot intelligent upgrade, build intelligent industrial robots and intelligent special robots, and in Wuhu artificial intelligence and automotive industry integration focus of demonstration applications. In addition, 'multi-point' refers to other cities in Anhui Province. Our province will promote the field of artificial intelligence core technology research and development, focusing on breakthroughs in brain-like chip R \u0026 D and production, to build China's artificial intelligence technology high ground. Relying on the Chinese class of brain intelligence technology and application of national engineering laboratories, joint labor emotional research Institute Suction Control Valve  and other research advantages, as well as the HKUST fly as the core of China's sound Valley Industrial Park, to Eftel as the core of the advantages of robot enterprises, Based on the open source of artificial intelligence technology innovation platform. I will actively build the province of Anhui Province artificial intelligence industry alliance. In Hefei and other places by the government to take the lead in the pilot deployment of artificial intelligence applications, timely access to public utilities demonstration projects, play a propaganda and guiding role, driven by more applications of artificial intelligence products and solutions.

In the general public, the future, the province focused on intelligent pilot car pilot demonstration project, will allow artificial intelligence in the field of public utility applications more widely. 'Planning' clear, will support the JAC, Chery and other key car companies and HKUST fly, Baidu and other artificial intelligence enterprises to jointly establish research and development laboratories; to promote unmanned, auxiliary driving-related environmental awareness, information processing, intelligent feedback and other common key technologies Research and development, speed up the hardware and software product development and application. Our province will also support the development of intelligent driving vehicles, such as safe driving, automatic parking, adaptive cruise and so on; will promote the development of intelligent network car, the establishment Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of automotive data analysis platform to collect traffic data, building a safe, intelligent cloud Chemical car networking system, to promote industrial parks, highways and other specific closed road conditions under the auxiliary driving technology research and development and application. The first to promote the auxiliary driving technology in the logistics automatically guide the import car, long-distance driving truck application demonstration.

  Give full play to the University of Science and Technology in the voice recognition of the technical advantages of the implementation of AI + smart home applications landing. Relying on Meiling, Rongshida, Haier, the United States, Changhong and other household electrical appliance manufacturing base, to explore and voice recognition, computer vision, in-depth learning and other technologies integration innovation. Support smart home business, in the family safety, environmental monitoring, child care, intelligent management and other fields, to carry out application innovation demonstration. Our province will further strengthen the AI ​​+ large health field layout, speed up the intelligent terminal Temperature Sensor core technology research and development and industrialization, in the medical data detection and collection, medical wearable equipment, medical expert system and other areas focus on investment. Encourage enterprises to face health, medical, sports, personal safety and other fields, and actively carry out differentiated market demand analysis.