Recently, the researcher of the Institute of Solid State Physics, Institute of Solid State Physics, Institute of Solid State Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Fei Guangtao, Advances in the preparation Sensor of flexible strain gauges and the study of force sensitivity characteristics. The results are based on Flexible strain sensor with high performance based PANI / PDMS Film published in Organic Electronics (47 (2017) 51-56).

   With the rapid development of science and technology, sensors in biomedical testing, intelligent robots, flexible display, wearable equipment and other fields has been widely used, these areas often need to have a flexible, stretchable features, to meet the paste In a variety of irregular surface needs. In addition, a good strain sensor should also have high sensitivity (GF), low resistance value characteristics. GF is too low means that the sensor Suction Control Valve detects the strain due to the small amount of change in the signal error prone to excessive resistance value means that the need for high precision and expensive test equipment.

   At present, there are two kinds of sensitive materials for flexible strain sensors: one is a sensor with a conductive material such as silver, carbon tube and graphene as the strain sensitive material. The sensor has low resistance value and GF is very low. One is a sensor that uses a semiconductor material as a strain sensitive material, which has a high GF fuel metering valve but a high resistance. These two types of sensors are subject to certain restrictions in commercial applications. Therefore, the design of a low resistance, GF high flexible sensor is imminent.

   Polyaniline (PANI) is a conductive polymer material, the proton acid doped after the conductivity between the metal and the semiconductor, and can be changed with the acid doping concentration, so the polyaniline and the Speed Sensor elastic material polydron The combination of siloxane (PDMS) is expected to achieve low resistance and high GF requirements. Based on this, the PANI / PDMS composite thin film flexible strain sensor was prepared by using PANI as the conductive layer and PDMS as the elastic layer. The performance of the sensor was studied. PANI / PDMS composite film sensor with a certain flexibility can be stretched to 50% of the strain, GF value up to 54, much higher than other materials to build flexible strain sensor, with excellent loop stability, in monitoring human Throttle Position Sensoractivities In the potential application prospects.