Recently, the world's leading automotive electronics and lighting experts Hella and the United States Silicon Valley famous accelerator Plug and Play (PNP) strategic cooperation to expand to China, the two sides will be in the Internet, mobile travel Sensor and other areas to explore new technologies to strengthen the Hai La electronic China 's domestic market rapid growth of the new needs of the insight and innovation R \u0026 D.
   The partnership between PNL and China PNP China signed a cooperation agreement to promote cooperation between Haier and domestic growth start-ups through cooperation with PNP, to tap the potential of cooperation, to achieve technological innovation, technology mergers Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor and acquisitions and other innovative cooperation Haier enterprise internal transformation and upgrading, and create a culture of entrepreneurial culture, pioneering and innovative era.

      Hella Group's future in the automotive sector China will be in a leading position, especially in the automotive development trends such as digital and interconnection, automatic driving, electrification and energy efficient, as well as personalized areas. Through the cooperation with PNP to better understand the local customer market demand and technical trends. 'Innovation means walking in front of the times, it's a very interesting thing,' said Saeed Amidi, global CEO of PNP, 'and it's nice that Hella has joined us and the future is going to look for more challenging things.' As a well-known high-tech innovation accelerator, is committed to creating an open platform for innovation, and Hella's strategic cooperation signed, means Temperature Sensor once again usher in a PNP innovation ecosystem of a partner.

  The cooperation agreement signed in Shanghai has further deepened the cooperation between Plug and Play and Hella. Through this cooperation, the two sides will strengthen the collaborative innovation and create more business value.