To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the BMW 3 Series, the parts company Hella Sensor to provide dynamic LED headlights, LED rear combination lights, car lights and a series of energy-saving security electronic components of the matching, all the lights are used LED technology.

  Hella This headlamps are available in three configurations, including halogen headlamps with daylighting lights and two other full LED technology headlights. Its non-dazzling high beam assist system provides urban lighting and expressway Suction Control Valve lighting in two modes, the lighting range of more than 400 meters, can capture and identify the surrounding other vehicles and provide guidelines.

  In addition, the Hella headlamps have Speed Sensor abandoned the aluminum material cooling components that have been used in the field of spare parts, and for the first time the use of lighter metal sheet cooling components.

  Hella will also provide car lights, door mirror lights and optional ambient lights for the BMW 3 Series front and rear seats, and other ancillary electronic components include the variable road warning system radar sensor, rain / light sensor and smart Throttle Position Sensor battery Sensor components and so on.