For all the NY MET fans out there...This one's for you. (In the tune of "When you're a Jet" from West Side Story.)


When you're a Met,you're a Met all the way from your first dropped fly ball to your last double play. When you're a Met you leave runners on base, you strike out in the clutch. You belong in last place. The Mets are all here.They make the games exciting. Our frustration is clear.The problem's not with steroids. It's the infield lighting.

Here come the Mets that we've learned to applaud from our first heart attack to our last vocal chord. Here come the Mets in a league of their own. Bring back Seaver and Ryan,Dave Kingman and Cone. The Mets are my team, and though I love the Yankees, I've learned how to scream, and wash away my teardrops with lots of hankies.

Here come the Mets in their new Citifield.They can bring in the fences, but their bats need to wield. Let's hope the Mets keep their opponents at bay.I will have no regrets if they win one today.  Here come the Mets,There's no reason to grieve.If you give your support,then YOU GOTTA BELIEVE.  When you're a stay a MET