here's a paul reed smith special edition i picked up a few months ago .. they call em their special editions but really they're their cheap versions .. i think these things are steals if you don't have to have all the little extras that make absolutely no difference in the tone .. like binding on the body or neck .. or one of them so called 10 tops which is just a fancy way of sayin that the woodgrain on the top of the guitar is about as pronounced as it can be .. and they can be really pretty , but none of it does a thing to make it really sound better .. so here's a pic of my newest addition .. a prs se soapbar .. this originally had black pickups and nad black knobs but i changed the covers and knobs to cream cause i thought it looked better that way .. other than that its all stock .. which is pretty unusual for me .. as one friend said about me and i quote ..  don't bring no perfect guitars around here cause he'll have that sucker apart in 10 minutes ..