No sensors, cloud computing and large data will be 'difficult for rice without straw', things will go to the 'hollow', intelligent manufacturing and other real economy will become 'castles in the air.' Sensors are objects in the Internet of perception, access and detection of information Sensor in the modern information technology has a pivotal position. With the rapid development of things, everything needs better performance of the sensor to do support, which the sensor industry has put forward an unprecedented challenge.

   Extensive interpretation of the Internet of Things, the development of the sensor market presents a rapid development trend. Information technology and sensing technology as an important fulcrum of industrial intelligence. The future as an important pillar of modern information technology, industrial sensor technology, has become the industrial field in the development of high-tech aspects of a commanding point. With the deepening of energy conservation and emission reduction in our country and the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, environmental monitoring sensors play an increasingly important role in our daily production and life. Which will be the mainstream of the scale of gas sensor industry will reach more than 60 billion yuan, the future is expected to achieve annual sales of more than 200 billion yuan. Inner is the fundamental Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor driving force for the development of things. Obviously, to promote domestic sensor innovation is imminent. First of all, the domestic sensor companies should proceed from their own, increase the core of high-tech innovation investment, continue to play in the domestic market applications, channels, services, prices, industrial ecosystems and other areas of the inherent advantages of promoting market applications, which is made in the high-end sensors Development of key points.

     The state should actively create a fair and transparent business environment, so that the application side in the procurement of sensors to comply with the law of market value, such as should be prohibited in the tender to specify the use of imported products. Once again, open up the industrialization of scientific research channel, positive, objective, meticulous, sustained accumulation of domestic and foreign high-end core sensor industry technology, promote standardization and industry collaboration, help in the development of high-end sensor industry. The development of the sensor industry is inseparable from the application of the industry, in-depth mining of health care, industrial and other areas Speed Sensor of application requirements, is to speed up the sensor industry, the only way. In the specific measures to promote policies to coordinate and guide, improve the standard testing system, the development of entrepreneurial innovation platform to create industrial ecological system and other aspects need to promote and jointly force.

  With the support of the state, China's sensor industry and the scale of the rapid development of the scale of the future development is optimistic. In the long run, in China, the future market, technology, policy will drive the rapid development of sensor industry, China's sensor industry will be to gather, integration, mergers and acquisitions trend. Advocacy, organization, attract more resources to participate in, and vigorously promote Throttle Position Sensor the sensor industry and market-oriented, is to enhance the domestic market, the international market, an important measure of the right to speak.