Beijing new energy vehicle record model lineup to expand again, from the first batch of this year and the second batch of filing interval of nearly 3 months time, Beijing new energy vehicles 'access' is speed. The automotive industry Sensor as a national new energy vehicle demonstration application to promote the 'pioneer', Beijing has become the main battleground for each car prices, while consumers as new energy vehicles to accept the increasing degree of Beijing new energy vehicle indicators have bid farewell to 100 % Of the times, the delivery of models to meet the indicators of consumer demand, as the car to enhance sales of the key. More competitive brands appear, so that Beijing new energy vehicle market changes in the wind direction.

  July 12, Beijing New Energy Automotive Industry Association released the third batch of 'Beijing demonstration application of pure electric small car product record information', 11 models selected. Among them, the high mileage mileage models become mainstream, a total of 9 models mileage of more than 200 km. In the face of the prevalence of new energy vehicles, consumers, 'mileage anxiety', the car prices are also working on the mileage to meet the needs of consumers. In recent years, the domestic car prices in the new energy vehicles put more diversified, SUV and low-priced models and other market segments to further meet the needs of consumers, but in the promotion of new energy vehicles, high mileage models ABS Sensor are still mainstream The New energy vehicles need to continue to strengthen the core competitiveness of products, etc., only to solve the consumer use of the 'pain point' in order to enable consumers to choose a new car when the car. Product core competitiveness is only the first step, the car's channel capacity and service capabilities will also become the future consumer choice of new energy vehicles when considering the standard.

  According to the third batch of 'Beijing demonstration application of pure electric passenger car product record information' shows that the car enterprises in the Beijing market models are no doubt on the market are not the same as the new energy vehicles in the Beijing market, respectively, the first three were Beijing Auto New Energy, BYD and Geely, Aimed at large sales - Beiqi new energy. Among them, Beiqi new energy in the introduction of low-cost models EC180, has been in a state of short supply, Beiqi new energy sales to enhance the engine and in the third installment of the directory, Chery eQ1 and Huatai EV150 two models want to eat Beiqi new energy EC180 market share. At the same time, in the new energy SUV models segment market, had only Beiqi new energy EX260 a model in the sale, the third installment of the list, Roewe eRX5 and Huatai new Santa Fe two models into the market, to break the new energy Bei Feng situation. A sales of Beiqi new energy, Chery and other models of the dealer, said the person in charge, due to the rich product line, into the Beijing market earlier, has been the largest shipments of new models of Beiqi, Chery, Changan, JAC and other models sales Ideal, with the access Speed Sensor to the growing model, to attract more consumer attention. Faced with the power of the car prices, Beiqi new energy in the vehicle mileage is more detailed to deal with market competition. In the third installment, Beiqi New Energy EU series has a total of 3 models, life mileage of 252 km, 300 km and 360 km, to meet the different needs of consumers. Among them, the mileage of 360 km of the Beijing New Energy EU400 model subsidies after the sale price of 158,900 yuan, after the mileage of the vehicle after the general subsidy of about 20 million price, pulled down to 150,000 yuan range.

  Compared with the fuel model, the current choice of new energy vehicles is still not rich, car prices there is a lot of market space, through the introduction of different price, mileage models, to meet the diverse needs of consumers, how to Consumers of the pulse, has become a car to enhance the sales of new energy vehicles, a key link. Although the number of catalog models is rising, but consumers and dealers are still generally believe that the current number of new energy vehicles in Beijing less than normal.
  Last year, Beijing new energy car catalog record for 72 models, this year released the third batch of catalog record for 51 models. Subsidized land reclamation, new energy vehicle record directory reaffirms the impact of the Beijing market has ushered in the new energy car sales 'window period.' In the country to determine this year's new energy vehicle subsidy policy, Beijing took the lead in the introduction Throttle Position Sensor of local standards for this year's new energy vehicles to pave the way. At present, Beijing New Energy Automobile Industry Association is also accelerating the assessment of enterprises and products to be reviewed, the second half will have more models on the market. Beijing new energy vehicles have to select high-quality enterprises and models to promote the screening stage in the screening one by one, as of now, Beijing's new energy automotive industry to maintain a pure green, zero fraud, zero major security incidents.