When you are near the car, do you think it's an extremely painful thing to get out of the car key to open the trunk. The advantage is that it can effectively improve the ability to identify kicks, take full advantage of high-power LF starter MLX74190, which has independently programmable Sensor low-frequency drivers and built-in anti-theft lock device technology, the perfect powerless car keyless entry system functions. In the country also known as the luggage induction system.

  MLX74190 works in the case of carrying the key to carry the case, just use the foot around the bottom of the bar after scanning about 10cm at the sensor, the trunk cover will automatically open. So that when the hands are occupied, you can easily open the trunk to place items. In the trunk kicking controller program, the MLX74190 main function is to use the high power LF signal to wake the car key, then the key through a UHF (UHF) signal sent to the car an encrypted identification number, thus completing Temperature Sensor the owner key Certification process. Can be downloaded through the world strong components of electricity to download the latest and most complete product information.

The program mainly includes the owner of the key authentication technology and kicking scanning recognition technology, and Shi Qiang agent MLX74190 products to the engineers to bring the technology exactly in line with these two points. For example, the use of MLX74190 to achieve the owner of the key certification, and based on the thermal imaging principle MLX90621 can identify the kicking action, which is the other brand program can not replace the advantages. The car kicking controller can communicate with the ECU via the LIN transceiver MLX80051, and it is recommended to use the MLX81150 motor driver to control Pressure Sensor the trunk motor.

  Some of the key features of the MLX74190 as the main device of the trunk kicking controller program:

1) Internal integration of two low-frequency drivers can produce 109kHz to 140kHz 1A sine wave current or 2.5A square wave current, the output amplitude from 0.25V to 32V (P-P).

2) The MLX74190 allows multiple encoding modes to be supported.

3) The MLX74190 can support amplitude shift keying and frequency shift keying to ensure that passive RFID is communicating when the key is depleted to generate a transmit signal.

4) The diagnostic capability of the MLX74190 enables it to detect errors with various forms of LF antenna.

5) The MLX74190 is available in a compact 48-pin TQFP package.

6) Operating temperature range -40 ° C to 105 ° C.

In addition, MLX74190 can also be extended to industrial, security and building automation and other industries in a variety of demanding high-performance wireless communications applications. Such as motorcycles, ATVs, snowmobiles and motor boats, can be detected when the key holder approaches the engine and can use the 'launch' button to start the engine Pressure Switch to complete the keyless start function. It can also be integrated into the building's entry system, the actuator and the Pet Identification Controller in the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS).