A hip resurfacing surgery in India is a joint replacement procedure just like a  hip replacement surgery with the only difference lying in the kind of implant used and the technique or way it is performed. There are many finest hip resurfacing surgery centres located at different cities across India. Our network hospitals across India has a vast and experienced medical team doing great work in this field. Some of the physicians and operating surgeons have been trained under the guidance of the inventors of this procedure. 

Hip Resurfacing in India

Hip Resurfacing Surgery: Procedure 

During hip resurfacing surgery in India, an incision is made over the hip to expose the hip joint. The acetabulum is prepared using a special instrument called reamer which is then inserted into the socket. Sometimes it is reinforced with screws or rarely cemented. A liner made of plastic, ceramic or metal material is then placed inside the acetabular component. The femur is then prepared the the femoral head that is arthritic is cut off and the bone prepared using special instruments for exactly fitting the new metal femoral component. It is then inserted into the femur and which may press fit replying on bone to grow into it or cemented depending on a number of factors such as bone quality and surgeon’s preference. A trial reduction is then done to ensure everything fits well. The real femoral head component is then placed on the femoral stem made of ceramic or metal. Then the hip is reduced for the last time and the muscles and soft tissues are closed carefully. 

Hip Resurfacing Surgery: Recovery and Benefit

Here is a guide for hip resurfacing surgery recovery for you to begin to regain your active lifestyle. If you need pain relief and you can take over-the-counter painkillers such as ibuprofen or paracetamol. Always read the patient information which comes with your medicine and if you have any questions, ask your pharmacist for advice. Your physiotherapist will recommend exercises as a crucial part of your recovery. You will be advised to restrain from doing certain movement in the first eight weeks post surgery. You can make around your home and manage stairs and continue to wear your compression stockings for a few weeks at home. You can return to light work after around six weeks. Follow your surgeon’s advice on driving.  

                                  Hip Resurfacing

The benefit include the implants lasting for longer time, the patients can lead an active life since no bone is removed in this operation. After the hip resurfacing surgery in India, the quality of bone actually improved with time which makes the revision surgery easier if at all needed, unlike the complicated situation such as a revision total hip replacement surgery. Also, this procedure ensures quicker recovery and hence the hospital stay is shorter. This surgery is a more conservative and less traumatic approach than the total hip replacement surgery. It is more preferred by younger patients enjoying an active life. There are several benefits of this surgery such as restoration of the normal anatomy and function of the hip joint allowing to perform higher impact activity, eliminate the risk of micro-fracture and minimal bone loss

Hip Resurfacing Surgery Cost Comparison

The hip resurfacing surgery cost comparison shows that the cost of hip resurfacing in India is lower than the cost of the surgery in the US and other developed countries. The surgery package cost include the airport pick-up and drop, nursing and diet charges, hospital stay in a private room where one attendant can stay with the patient, admitting consultant’s visit charges, routine lab tests, cost of the implant and surgeon’s fees and OT Charges. 

                  Cost Of Hip Resurfacing in India  


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