Add the fact that traveling alone can give you a feeling of independence, and you might never want to hire a tour guide to show you around!

Nevertheless, local guides are just out there to help you make the most of your trip. Sure, they are looking for a way to earn money, but there’s no denying this- hiring a local guide can be beneficial in more ways than one!

Read on to know how local guides can help you.

When You're Visiting for a Short Time

You can always refer to travel-related articles that tell you what's worth seeing and doing in a particular city in 48 hours or less. However, if you want to go off the beaten path, a local guide will be your best bet.

A local guide can not only make your short vacation thrilling, but can also make it hassle-free by eliminating your chances of getting lost or confusing destinations!

When Your Stay Is Going to Be Long

If you're going to stay put in one place for a month or longer, hiring a local guide as soon as you get to your destination and for a couple of days more will help make the rest of your stay comfortable. A local guide is sure to have an answer for every question that you throw at him, so don't shy away from asking him anything related to your destination.

Remember to note down all the important stuff and make a list of things to do and places to see with your guide’s help. You might also have the rare opportunity to hear about some amazing life experiences from your guide when touring the city!

When You’re Headed to a Popular Destination

Just like you, a lot of other travelers will have researched the destination online and will have a long list of places worth visiting. If you head to these tourist spots, you are bound to encounter long queues and huge crowds.

A local guide will know how to avoid the crowds and the best times to visit all places you want to!

When You’re Traveling to an Unpopular Place

If you're headed to someplace that hasn't been written about much, you needn’t worry. Just find a good guide and let him show you the best that the destination has to offer! You can also ask him to show you an eatery or a restaurant that serves food you like or would like to try.

When There Is a Language Barrier

No matter where you’re headed, if you can’t understand the local language, your trip might turn out to be a pain. While you might be able to get your point across by using actions, knowing some basic words in the local language can work wonders!

With a local guide by your side, you won’t need to turn to anyone else for beginner language lessons.

When You’re Visiting Historical Sites

You don’t have to hire a guide to help you tour the city you’re headed to. But if you intend to visit a couple of historical sites in the city, a guide will be able to give you all the information you need. You might also learn something that you’d never get to read or hear elsewhere!

When You’re Going on an Adventure Trip

A tour guide can offer life-saving advice that will help you stay safe on adventure trips. For example, if you’re planning a hike, a local guide will be able to tell you about the terrain and warn you about any dangers.

And if you’re planning a hunting trip, simply taking your rifle scopes and bow or gun won’t suffice; you’ll need a local guide to help you learn about the fauna! A lot of guides are also qualified scuba diving instructors or mountaineers with specific skills related to the type of adventure you’re interested in, so you’re sure to be in safe hands.


With the information provided here, you now know that hiring a local guide can be value for money. If you’re still skeptical of guides, you only need to be careful when choosing one.

Ask the staff at the hotel you’ll be staying at and they’ll recommend tour guides to you. You can also consult a travel agent if you’re looking for guides with specific skills. Keep in mind that some guides around tourist places may rip you off, so be sure to discuss all terms properly before coming to an agreement.

Choosing the right guide can make your trip a lot better, so don’t avoid hiring one the next time you travel abroad!