Your business is about so much more than your product, your service, and you. It’s about community. You’ll need to create a reputation that stands the test of time, give back to your community, and you’ll need to provide the people you do business with people they can trust and rely on when they need your services or product. The people you hire are more than just smiling faces and cogs on a wheel. They’re the people who market your business, who help create that reputation, and they’re the people the community gets to know. This is why hiring the right people is one of the single most important thing you’ll do as a small business owner. Don’t fear if you’re unsure how to choose the right people. With this insider knowledge, you’ll find a stellar staff to help grow your dream.


Be Very Descriptive About the Role


If you’re hiring a person for a role, be very descriptive. If you don’t tell the applicant what’s required and what you expect, you can’t expect them to perform the role to the best of their ability when they’re frequently surprised by the role. Being clear, concise, and upfront allows you to eliminate potential applicants unwilling to perform specific tasks you’re clear about in your job post online or in the paper.


Meet the Applicants


Certain people look amazing on paper, but they’re less impressive in reality. The Harvard graduate with a perfect GPA and stellar work history might seem like the perfect candidate in comparison to the applicant with four years of community college and only a year in the industry. When you meet them in person, you might change your opinion. It’s imperative you meet the perfect candidate and get to know them in person. Your gut instinct might tell you a potential employer is far less who you were looking for than the one without the impressive resume but the perfect fit and personality.


Don’t Hire Just to Fill a Role


If you need to fill a position, don’t just hire someone because it’s open. You will probably hire the wrong person, make mistakes, and you’ll end up regretting it. If you need to do some additional work until you find the right person, get comfortable with that. The wrong person can damage your brand, and it’s difficult to come back from something like that.


Be Open and Honest


If you aren’t upfront about what you want, who you are, and your business values from the start, you might get off on the wrong foot. You want someone whose values coincide with yours, whose work ethic is similar, and someone who has the same goal for your business. You want to hire someone who will be open and honest with you, but that’s impossible if you’re not open and honest with them.


Look for Help


Narrowing down applicant after applicant or finding you aren’t getting any hits is not an easy task. This is when looking for a placement firm or RPO comes in handy. A company who works specifically to find you the person you need for your small business is better equipped to sort through a pool of applicants than you. Let someone else make your job easier by finding the perfect person for the role you’re hiring for.


Be patient. Finding the right set of employees for your small business takes time. It’s something you can’t rush, and it’s not the time to settle. Your brand is represented by everything your employees do from how they discuss their job with friends and family, how they represent themselves on social media, and how they help your business thrive. Hiring the wrong person is difficult to come back from, which is why this is a job that takes skill and patience.