Have you ever looked around your home and thought it needs a makeover? Got no time for a redesign? If your home needs a style update, you can easily transform the look of a room with silver photo frames using less money and time. Photo frames have been used for ages to display beautiful moments and images. They are the perfect way to showcase your indelible memories and make them a part of your home's decor.There are different methods through which you can turn photo frames into beautiful decorations. You can get more creative and try the below simple and easy ideas on how to add silver photo frames for revamping home decor.

  1. Display on shelves

You can use the silver photo frames in the built-ins to add depth and create a layered look. It also acts as a great way to show off your special photos. You can choose a specific color scheme to your photos in order to create a cohesive look.

  1. Hang above your night stands

You can decorate your night stand with a rich looking silver photo frame from Preeti's Eldorado. You can add a favorite photo from your wedding album to the silver photo frame and place it on the night stand to create a more intimate feeling.

Elegant Silver Photo Frame
  1. Display it in a hallway

Silver photo frames on display in a hallway with black and white family photos give a dramatic look on the wall. It's a simple idea that makes a huge difference and adds a unique style to your home that otherwise wouldn't have much.

  1. Create a gallery wall

Who doesn't love looking at a photo gallery wall? Putting all silver photo frames together to expose beautiful memories in one big impactful space is always the best. Make your own one of a kind gallery wall with beautiful vintage silver photo frames from Eldorado.

  1. Collage of photos

If you love simplicity and at the same time you want to draw attention to the photos, then you could opt for a collage of photoframes. Consider using photo frames with different shapes, sizes, and designs to put together a lovely collection. Such collage of silver photo frames can turn your wall into an eye-catching gallery. This decor idea suits best for home office, dining room or living area.

  1. Picture ledges

You can use silver photo frames to create picture ledges at a needed height above the desk area. You can swap the frames and pictures for creating a unique look. It depends on the size and choice of frames, which can give you a more sophisticated look.

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