The new CR-V this radical listing strategy has indeed and the current market competition has opened the gap, competing products in the product price and selling point as the new CR-V more clear, from the network of public opinion feedback - Such as car home reviews and microblogging - think that the new CR-V pricing is very strong, and many Honda supporters think it at least six months, or even a year will increase sales, but also for the hybrid version of the price praise Never.
  The new CR-V in the cost-effective and selling points on the product did create a very good, but the combination Sensor of the current market environment and differences in consumer groups, the new CR-V far beyond the absolute victory. In other words, we all agree that Honda's new Civic and Corolla, Sylphy compared to the former, whether it is power or design have an absolute advantage, but to the new CR-V above is not the case - whether it is powertrain, interior space or Is the configuration, each aspect can always find better than it, the new CR-V is still in the mainstream level.

  From the design, space, power and configuration can be seen, although Dongfeng Honda to create a new CR-V benchmark position, but in fact no place is completely innovative - 'the first level of hybrid SUV models' design , The new CR-V although there is not much groove, can also be a lack of eye-catching amazing sense of all parts show that it is the previous generation of models continue to improve the design rather than completely innovative. Such as the trunk design of more structured, not like the previous generation so 'hump', but the sickle-like taillights are not smooth. This generation Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor of models in the design of the biggest change is to enhance the ground clearance, but the height of the body but down to 1679mm, almost the lowest competing products. While the interior is a continuation of the Honda a new round of design, including digital dashboard, suspension control, full softening of the interior materials, etc., but there are new Civic and crown lead, the new CR-V will not bring Too much freshness.
  If you compare the configuration of the new CR-V and the deliberation will find that the deliberation is much more - keyless entry / start, after the reversing radar, before and after the air curtain, 7-inch large screen + mobile phone mapping, engine start and stop And so are very practical configuration. In contrast, the new CR-V system compared to get the configuration is the automatic headlamps, automatic parking, cruise speed several. To guide the price comparison of the new CR-V and the value of competing products, the new CR-V is indeed more than Qi Jun and other opponents advantage. But I think that consumers can not only use the guide price to compare who's more cost-effective, and more or will count the benefits and the final landing costs. In fact, we set the target from the East can also see the new CR-V and not too much premium capacity, should choose to quickly take the amount - according to Dongfeng Honda executives in an interview with the media revealed that they for the new CR -V target locked in the 20,000, which is replaced before the peak sales of CR-V. So, so high sales expectation means that the stocking is abundant, the arrangement Temperature Sensor is very high, so the new Civic pre-limited capacity of things will not happen, the dealer's sales pressure naturally will not be small. And then another point of view, before the old CR-V 15,000 monthly sales are in a large discount in exchange for, then the new higher sales target even make it less likely to maintain parity sales, after all, this market is almost all competing products Are in the price, and the new CR-V's price is only just more than the opponent's guide price advantage.

  According to the market, the current 250,000 yuan from the mixed model, the largest sales of the Accord can buy 1000 or so, and early Camry double engine in the absence of opponents can be sold when the 2000. This means that the hybrid model in the entire model system is still a small proportion, even if the new CR-V hybrid models no opponents, but more than 220,000 yuan this price can buy crown 1.5T, Tiguan L, Angke Wei and other high half of the models. Then for the price of the consumer, the same price ABS Sensor to buy a more advanced car, or buy more fuel-efficient cars, I think 90% of people will choose to choose the former. Coupled with the current sales data can be clearly seen: compact SUV segment in the 2.5L, 2.0T high-end product sales are almost far less than 1.5T, 2.0L models, so the new CR-V hybrid models Always icing on the cake, and will not really bring much growth.