Have you ever tried to repair the water heater on your own? Many consider that the mechanism of the hot water heater is not quite complex. A person with some understanding of machineries can easily understand its mechanism and functioning. However, when it comes to diagnosing the issues and repairing them, is not everyone’s cup of tea. But there is nothing to worry. The people in and around NJ have all the freedom and facilities to get the services of the Water Heater Repair NJ experts. Yes, one may have to spend some amounts in hiring the services of the water heater experts. But that should not be a cause of great concern as the charges are quite affordable.

Most common problems of electric water heater and their solutions

Even as a non-expert, you can diagnose some most common issues with electric water issues. Not only that, you can also repair them if you have some knowledge and experience. Here are some most common problems of electric water heaters:

Water is not getting heated: If this is the case, something may be wrong with the electricity supply. This could be due to the tripping of the circuit breaker or the issue lies with the thermostat. Also, this could be due to the loose wires. You can check and diagnose the issue if you have some experience. However, it could be dangerous of you are not well familiar with the electric circuit system. So, it is safer and better to get the support of the hot water heater NJ experts.

Insufficient hot water:  The issues with the thermostat or the heating elements may cause the insufficient production of hot water. You can adjust the thermostat if you know how to do it. Also, loose wiring and dip tube etc may cause this issue.

Heater takes too long to heat: This could be due to mainly two reasons – the issue with thermostat and the buildup of sediment at the bottom of the tank. The thermostat may require readjustment. In case of the buildup of sediment at the bottom of the tank, it needs to be flushed.

Water is too hot: This may occur if the thermostat has been set too high. This needs to be checked and readjusted. Another issue could be the malfunctioning of the thermostat. It such a case, it needs to be repaired or replaced. Also, it is possible that the thermostat is not seated in a proper manner and the water is being heated more than required. Whatever is the case; if you are not confident enough in diagnosing, it is better to contact the Water Heater Repair NJ experts and get due help from them.

Strangely noisy heating elements: This happens due to the scale buildup on elements or due to the faulty elements. The water heater elements are not quite expensive and you can replace them after consulting the hot water heater NJ experts.

The rusty or colored water, foul odor, and pressure relief valve leaking also are some common problems of electric water heaters. However, there is no need to panic. In case you are unable to diagnose and repair the water heater, you always have the opportunity to get due help from the water heater repair experts.


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