In addition to the natural scenery on offer, the picturesque mountain offers many routes for mountain biking in Cape Town best suiting the ultimate needs of mountain biking enthusiasts and hikers. As far as the location is concerned, Table Mountain is located in the center of Cape Town so it’s very accessible. You will just take a short ride from the city center in order to participate.

Know your Route:

As discussed in the beginning, Table Mountain boasts lots of routes that can be mixed and matched for a variety of experiences. Over 1500 different plant species grow on Table Mountain itself, so on your mountain biking adventure, you’ll spot a wide variety of wildlife species like frogs, mongoose, tortoises as well as birds and reptiles. Besides, you’ll get to see many varieties of snake species on the mountain and the snakes are very much active during summer months – which fall between October to April. Therefore, you should be careful and avoid biking through grass – especially during summer months! You also need to be a little athletic to use your skill on the pedals, elbows and knees due to the bumps on the route. You must also use the brakes effectively to control your speed downhill.

Table Mountain Cape Town

Remember that you’re not allowed to take your mountain bike on the top of the mountain, but you can reach the summit through a cable car by yourself or you can also hike to the top.

You may get an elevated bridge or two and you need to be positive and look ahead to cross it and hence you must choose a bike which suits you and the trail conditions. That’s where we come in and can tailor you to your specific needs/skill at

Table Mountain Bike Ride

As far as choosing the Table Mountain biking routes is concerned, there are lots of resources available online which can help you out. Otherwise, you can get a free copy of mountain bike routes from us or the Tourism board or from the visitor center.

On your Table Mountain bike ride, you should always carry enough food and water with you – especially during summer. Also, you should carry a fully charged smart phone and extra battery backup to make sure that you can always use your cell phone when needed. Though Table Mountain lies in the center of Cape Town, you may need to ask for directions when starting your journey.


Overall, there are several scenic routes on offer on Table Mountain, when it comes to mountain biking in Cape Town. Therefore, you should follow the above mentioned tips to make sure that you remain safe and have a wonderful experience when visiting the Mountain.

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