How can I remove my Facebook password from the computer?

April 25, 2017
Every time you type in the address bar, you are redirected to your Facebook account directly (without entering any log-in details). This is because your log-in details are already saved. Now, if your friends or other family members use the same computer, they will be redirected to your Facebook account whenever they try open Facebook. They can log out your account to log in to theirs but they can see your posts, messages etc. If you are looking for ways to remove your password from your computer, you are at the right place. For Your Information, your computer doesn't save your Facebook (or any) password; it's your web browser that does. So, you need to remove it from your web browser. This is not a rocket science and can be done easily by accessing browser's settings. Here is a step-by-step guide for removing your Facebook password from your web browser. We have taken into reference the most popular browsers in this context.
·         Open the browser menu.
·         Select 'Settings' from the drop down.
·         Scroll down to the end of the page and click on 'Show advanced settings' link.
·         In the 'Password and Form' section click 'Manage Password' link.
·         In the window that appears, find Facebook's URL and move your mouse over it. Click on the cross sign (x) to remove saved password for Facebook.
Internet Explorer
·         Open the 'Tools' menu in your web browser.
·         Select 'Internet Options.'
·         Click Content.
·         Click 'Settings' under AutoComplete.
·         Click on 'Manage Passwords' followed by 'Web Credentials Manager.'
·         Click the drop down beside Facebook's URL and click 'Remove.'
Mozilla Firefox on Windows
This is what you have to do for Windows-Firefox combination
·         Open the browser.
·         Click the menu button on top right corner, select Preferences/Options.
·         Select 'Security' option.
·         Click on 'Saved Logins' buttons.
·         On the page that appears, find Facebook URL in the site column. Click it to highlight and then click 'Remove.' If you click 'Remove All' passwords for all sites will be removed.
·         Don't forget to uncheck the 'Remember logins for sites' option on the security window. This will prevent passwords from saving in future.
·         Open 'Tools' menu in the browser.
·         Select 'Advanced' option.
·         Click on 'Password Manager'
·         Delete the saved username and password for
·         Open the safari browser and click on menu icon.
·         Select 'Preferences.'
·         Choose the 'Auto fill' option.
·         Click the 'Edit' button to list saved user names and passwords.
·         Delete the entry corresponding to

Saving your password is a convenient way to log in. But, Contact Facebook support helpservices recommends proper log out from your social media account to ensure complete safety.
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