When it comes to the chilly winters with temperatures at the freezing point, it’s important to keep your home insulated. But, it’s easier said than done and that’s the reason, you need to follow some helpful tips to keep your house warm during this time. 

1. Close the curtains at night

Though big windows lets in sunlight during the day time, as night approaches the heat starts to escape and rooms start to get cold. This is the biggest concern with single glazed windows, and although double glazed ones do help they are n’t foolproof when it comes to retaining heat. For complete protection, cover up your windows with heavy curtains so that it can stop heat escaping your home.

2. Walls must be covered

If your house is made of solid brick or stone walls, then rest assured that these are better insulators than glass, but they also get cold, as the heat starts escaping outside in the evening. The best idea is to cover your walls with decorative accessories such as a painting or mirrors. If you’re on a budget then hanging tapestries or fabrics can also be effective.

3. The front door must be covered

Cover your front door with a thick lined door curtains. Modern day glazed glass can be very poor insulators and will make the temperature fall to 10-15°C on cold nights. Covering doors and the associated area with thick curtains will keep your home insulated for a longer period of time.

4. Use screens on your fireplace

Nowadays, drawing up wooden screens is the safest option to hold the heat from your wooden fireplace. The screens can be kept at room temperature and will keep the room warm and insulated for optimum comfort. 

We are sure there are many more ways to keep your home warm like heating and cooling system, heaters, solar system. If you have an interesting and usable tip on how you keep your house warm during the winter days please feel free to share it with us.