St. Patrick’s Day is a cultural celebration held annually on March 17, the traditional death date of St. Patrick, Ireland’s patron saint. This year, many people busted out their finest green shirts and got out on the streets. Some chose to go to a St. Patrick’s Day parade while the other decided to visit some of the Irish Pubs or some other St. Patrick’s Day events. No matter what you decided to do, you surely had a great time. Here are a couple of things you also could have been a part of.

Chicago River Dyeing

Chicago is the home of quite a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration. The Chicago River has gone completely green, as 45 pounds of dye color made out of vegetables has been thrown into it. Chicago River coloring has become a tradition and thousands of people have gathered to see the action live. The rite has been taking place ever since 1961. Just imagine the river dyed completely green and a bunch of people dressed in the same color, all followed by the sound of bagpipes. The parade was packed white Irish flags, booming marching bands and bagpipers.

Boston Parade

Boston is the country’s most Irish-American city. It has the highest percentage of people of Irish descent and therefore it does not come as much of a surprise that Boston is the home of the third-largest Str. Patrick’s Day parade in USA, drawing somewhere around 1 million spectators every year. Traditionally, a local Irish punk band Dropkick Murphys played in a series of concerts on St. Patrick’s Day. There was also an Irish film festival that spectators in green were thrilled with.

New London Mock Funeral

New London is one of the cities known for the special St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. During the March 17, the city actually changes its name into “New Dublin”. Just like any other year, people dressed as leprechauns were in charge of switching the city sign into the one with Dublin in it. But the best part of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in New England was the Irish funeral parody. There was even a mock funeral procession and an antique hearse.

Hot Springs Parade

Hot Springs, Arkansas is another city famous for special St. Patrick’s Day parade. The Bacon Brothers were among the celebrities who led 30.000 people across the city’s famous Bridge Street, the world’s shortest street in everyday use. The part of 2016 parade were also the Irish Elvis impersonators as well as the world’s largest inflatable leprechaun. There were also many Irish belly dancers, green marching wolfhounds and of course plenty of music.

Denver Parade

St. Patrick’s Day parade is the largest annual parade in Denver, with more than 200.000 spectators. Traditionally, there were marching bands, horses, stagecoaches and dancers, all dressed in green of course. Also, during this year’s St. Patrick’s Day, the city changed the name of the Blake Street into “Tooley Street” in the honor of the late Dale Tooley - longtime Denver District Attorney. High Times also tried to host the cannabis cup, but the annual event has taken place in Southern California instead. Read more about that in the reefer report for St Patrick’s Day.


St. Patrick’s Day in 2016 sure was fun no matter where have you decided to spend it. In 2017 we are expected to have even bigger parades and more and more events for the March 17th.