In order to get a complete picture of this idea, I have to rely on your willingness to use your own experience for many of the word pictures I'll try to create. So here goes:

Realizing that the idea of retirement was a hold over state from the days of 30 year careers and that not very many people our age have been able to experience that 30 year uninterrupted work history, all of the plans, strategies and ideas toward retirement have been geared to this fictional state that in my opinion, only serves finanical planners who are trying to sell retirement products. 

The reality for a large portion of us is that our work experience has been spread across several employers and even careers and we find ourselves at a place in our lives that we no longer have the 15 to 30 years to fund an increasingly expensive livelihood AND save for a retirement that will give us the same level of life from those savings.

I'll tell more of my story later, but I started looking some time ago for a way to leverage the power of the internet to suppliment my income and develop a business that could not only provide present earnings, but also be developed to provide a passive income as well. 

Here's what I discovered:

The internet is different. Rules that seem to work in the 30 year career world will not always apply to the internet. After several expensive try and fail cycles with products that were incomplete, I discovered iPass2. You can learn about it here

Since this will be a continuing conversation, I welcome your comments and observations.