It is always a better halt for companies when their websites are seen on the top of the screen. Every brilliant article published on the website goes through innumerable algorithms to build a base at the top of the game. A prodigious booster is when an article has more than 1 million readers. When you have access to these 1 million readers it does not matter whether you are speaking to the right people or not to gather the best leads.

Companies initiating the method of publishing articles on the business-oriented social networking website known as LinkedIn are just another remarkable technique commenced by agencies providing lead generation services to gather qualified prospects. This particular lead generation podium has led various brands to dexterously share their content among prominent subscribers. The LinkedIn social network is filled with more than 4 million corporate decision makers and CEO who has preferable requirements and if your content seems valuable and informative, you are likely to gain their interest.

What is LinkedIn all about?

There are some marketers who question the significance of publishing a content or article on LinkedIn as compared to various well-known website like Hubspot, Forbes etc. on the other hand there are marketers who actually think that LinkedIn is that brilliant platform that allows companies to advertise organic content to get an adjacent look at their targeted audience. Further to this, LinkedIn also helps organisations stay atop the market game to influence industry and decision makers of an organisation.

How important is LinkedIn for B2B organisations?

Of course! It is the B2B lead generation services that constantly uses LinkedIn to create a more perceptible business opportunities. Every B2B marketer loves LinkedIn for a good reason; the platform drives 80 percent of B2B social media leads. It is the perfect destination to publish perceptive and informative content that’s personalised to each and every prospect network.

With the help of LinkedIn, you can also link your content to your main website or landing page. Advertising on this influential platform can gather competent traffic to your website for more shareable and descriptive information about the item or service provided by the company.

How to use LinkedIn?

There are typically two ways to use LinkedIn

  • ·         Whether you want to increase your website visibility or
  • ·         Just generate qualified leads.

If you are wondering that LinkedIn will deliver you both visibility and lead then you might be wrong. Sometimes an article published by a company might end up having viewers around 5000-12000, but surprisingly the company may end-up getting more than 100 qualified leads. Everything depends upon measuring out the right aspects to make LinkedIn work for your business’s objectives.

As more and more brands are diagnosing the power of LinkedIn, the heavily competitive legislated game of market has started executing admirable ideas to partake the market competition.