Want your home smelling fresh? Don’t need any artificial air fresheners? If yes, here are a few alternative ways to keep a fresh smell in your home:

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Stove Simmer -
If your home stinks it’s time to create a fresh aroma at your home with a stove simmer. All you need to do is to simmer water in a small saucepan.

Add lemon slices, mint, cinnamon, lavender or other fragrant herbs. The heat from the boiled water will permeate the sweet scent throughout your home.

Light Candles -
When thinking to add a fresh smell to your home, candles are the obvious choice. Remember, you should light the candles where you store the fabrics. This is because the fabrics easily absorbs the scent.

You can also light the candles in the kitchen for sweet fragrance. Especially while cooking or eating at the dinner table. No matter what, it will create a fresh smell as well as a great ambiance.

Bring Outdoors -
You can bring in outdoors to create a fresh smell. After all, indoor plants are the great way to bring fragrance into your home. Looking for fragrant plants for your home? Try out Arabian jasmine, gardenias, corsage orchids, geraniums and Cuban oregano.

Oil Burners -
Oil burners don’t produce that much smoke like any ordinary burners. Usually, an oil burner comprises of a small tea light placed above a small bowl containing fragrant oil.

All you need is a few drops of essential oil and some amount of water in the bowl. When it starts heating, the heat generated from the tea light will warm the oil to release the fragrance.

Reed Diffusers -
Reed diffusers are the perfect way for pleasant fragrance at your home. They generally contain oil and reed sticks. The sticks are kept in the oil then absorbed by the reeds and disperses the sweet aroma. These diffusers are effective when kept in a place with constant moving air by a doorway.

Deep Clean -
Like every homeowner, you don't want a smelly home. You might know different ways to create a fresh aroma. You can use a good fragrance dispersed throughout your home to make sure your guests are always welcomed by a beautiful scent.

Apart from this, you should ensure that your home is clean. Remove all the garbage materials from your home and any bad smells are dealt with.

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Conclusion -
Thecleaningadvantage is a House cleaning company in Shrewsbury and offers Residential House Cleaning offered on weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and as needed basis.

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