While an artistic personality is widely considered to be that which is attracted to activities that involve creativity, originality and independence like writing, dancing, singing and self-expression, to be a good fit for studying arts involves additional traits. Being a good fit for studying the arts involves having the discipline and maturity to balance the urge to be impulsive with the calm to sit down and learn about many artists who lived in societies over the millennia.


Artistic people are notoriously attentive to detail when it come to their work. Writers often work on numerous drafts of their compositions before preparing a publishing-ready copy of their work. As with some musicians and filmmakers, multiple takes of a recording a done before a perfect recording is produced. This trait is beneficial to a student as the more attention to detail a student can have, the more likely to learn faster and grasp concepts which can then be applied more efficiently.


As art is often deeply personal to the artist, but heavily exposed to interpretation and criticisms by consumers. Thus, the artist will have to develop a thick skin so as to not take criticism of their work personally even when it is not criticized for its aesthetic value but also for its representational value. If you are able to remove yourself from your products and see them as products, that is a trait of a person suited to study fine arts.


To be a successful art student, you must have a passion for art; it must be at the core of your being. You should be immersed in art and thus able to handle long hours and days working on one project that will have to be presented and critiqued. This doesn’t mean you have to be an introvert but you must understand what is required of you to produce the best work you can and often this means taking a solitary road for days and weeks on end.


To be an artist is to be sensitive to your environment. The danger of this is that you are often vulnerable to negative influences from your environment either through substance abuse or generally negative personalities who struggle to keep a grip on reality. The successful artist knows when to remove himself/herself from such people and prevent her/his own emotional instability that may have a negative impact on the quality of her/his work.


Artists are aware of the power that fear has in crippling their creative output. To be suited to studying art you have to understand that mistakes are an essential part of the creative process. The successful artist will know that it takes a few drafts or compositions to get to a product that best represents his/her ability. To know you are suited to studying arts studies, you must be willing to work through your mistakes and sometimes acknowledging that your work is not getting a response from art consumers.