Selecting a B&B to stay in is a difficult process. First you select a location, but in a town or out in the country a bit, where is the best? Then you select for accommodation type and price range and so you select one or two candidates. The Margaret River B&B will feature in your searches but do they have availability and how do you know you will have a good experience there?


Firstly, you will see that we are AAA rated as 4.5 Stars which you know is very good. Then you can check for reviews on Tripadvisor, Trivago, Booking.Com or Expedia or Agoda or one of the million other Online Travel Agents (OTAs). A quick read will soon satisfy you that you will have a great experience while staying here.

But these review sites throw lots of other options at you so that for a moment you can’t decide to do anything. Finally, it gels and you decide to book. But through which OTA? as there are often different prices. Finally you go ahead, usually with the one you last used as that seemed fairly painless.

But then you are haunted with thoughts wondering whether you are really getting the best deal? And the answer is usually no! Because review sites like TripAdvisor, Trivago and the OTAs never show you the owners website and Google only shows the owners website on the 2nd or 3rd page as all those other sites are paying Google to be on the front page.

If you did search for the owners website, you will always find a better deal than is shown on the OTAs because we can offer packages and discounts, particularly if you call and have a chat before you book. We owners are always happy to try to accommodate the guest. That is our job, and giving a discount is part of that job.

So next time you go to book a B&B like The Margaret River BnB, before you book, dig a bit deeper and contact the owner either by phone or SMS or email. You will be surprised how much of a better deal you can get. And a chat with the owner will give you that little bit more assurance that you have made the right decision.

Happy searching!


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