Grindr is a location-based app that has become all the rage among gays. The good news for straight people is that GrindrStraight launched which targets straight people.  The only difference between Grindrstraight and Grindr is the former is less focused on sex. Another reason why Grindrstraight is a good option is that it is much deeper than other apps.


Find new friends

Grindrstraight helps you find new friends and given the fact it can be quite hard to meet people who have the same interests as you, it makes sense to use Grindr for straight people. It is not surprising then to learn that Grindrstraight is being flooded with requests from straight people who feel jealous that gays are able to use Grindr to find a date while straight people do not have a similar option.


Community-based app

The good news for these people is Grindrstraight has been designed to help straight people find and meet new people instead of concentrating solely on finding a sex partner. This is where this app differs from Grindr. Grindrstraight is more community based, and it helps straight people locate and meet people that share similar interests. Grindr on the other hand is solely focused on one thing and that is sex.

Free to use

Grindrstraight is free to use, and it allows you to display your photographs and basic details. The app then locates people with similar interests who are located close to where you are. This app however does require you to provide more information as compared to the bare details required by Grindr. The reason why you need to provide more details to Grindrstraight is it helps the app blend you with people living in your area that share similar interests.


Common interests

When people share the same interests, it becomes easier for them to develop friendships and this is one of the goals of Grindrstraight. So, if you are looking for someone who speaks French, then Grindrstraight will help you find someone who lives close to you. Once you show an interest in that person, you can start chatting with them immediately.


No more boring times

Grindrstraight is designed to help put an end to boring times. Instead of spending a boring lunch break or visiting a museum, you can use this app to see who shares the same interests as you and then you can start chatting with that person and hookup if things go well.

Use it anywhere

The nice thing about using Grindrstraight is you can use it anywhere including on the bus and when standing in a queue. If you have spare time, then you can open the app and find someone with whom to share your thoughts. With luck, you can also develop a serious relationship with that person. This is one of the reasons why people are becoming interested in Grindr for straight people.


The app functions like an icebreaker that allows you to find people with whom you share some sort of chemistry. It also allows you to scope out clubs and bars to see if people are interested in meeting you. The app shows you pictures of people who have checked into a club or bar in the same way Facebook does.