Hey guys and gals, I want to share my entrepreneur story with you, since two and a half years I am in eCommerce. I had a room mate from a colleague that made it big with selling tangible items, this was a pretty good example that there is a lot to be made from this business model. I picked a couple of items in the same category I built WordPress sites with WooCommerce made good design and all. After that, I registered branded accounts on all the knows social platforms and started sharing some interesting stories from my niche and my products as well. Guess what was the result? Zero! I got few quick fans and followers (my friends) and that was it. At this moment

I thought it will be good to go back to the drawing board. I started reading articles about social media marketing. It was very beneficial at first, but the reality is that this is just a theory. Most of those guides are related to heavy investment in paid traffic, think FB/IG ads and Pinterest/Linked in as well. At least I thought myself how to identify which is the best social network for promoting my products. That's was Instagram. The cycle repeated it self. Reading articles and trying to implement. I had some minor wins, got around 300 followers in almost 3 months. I got 2 sales as well. I was so happy because my ideas were working but the problem was that I didn't have enough exposure for my brand and products. I realized that I need more followers since I had small sucks I was on the right path and I just needed to scale. I started to search for people that are a pro in Instagram marketing. I hired a freelancer, it was a disaster the guy was offering this service as a side gig and that was not enough for me. After 1 month a dropped him. The search began because I was in need of serious Instagram growth marketing service, ExplodeGram, that are the guys who skyrocketed my followers and of course the traffic to my sites.

Then the good things began, I had the traffic so I was seeing which product is good converting and I was able to clearly think about what I need to do with my product and sales strategy. At last, I had a digital strategy in place. The sales were slowly but surely increasing. I dropped the no converting products and started altering my site design in order to do conversation optimization, which turned out to be the real deal (here is good CRO guide). My confidence grew and I decided to open 5! new satellite Instagram accounts. The time was no longer my enemy and I ordered to the guys of Explodegram to start growing my new accounts. Pretty much this is my journey so far. Now I have 19 Instagram pages and over 50 products in my store. Soon I will start expanding on other social media networks.

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If you have any questions I will be happy to answer.