Giving a change to the traditional farming style and making it more convenient and fast, modern farming equipments have gained massive popularity. A number of modern tools are in practice now, which ensure completion of heavy tasks in minimum time with less efforts and more accuracy rates. They not only bring better productivity but generate more funds as well. Being the backbone of every country, agriculture holds immense importance and its advancement is always welcomed with open arms. Well, it is important too, as better the equipments, better the production and fruitful the economy. 
Talking about the latest agricultural equipment, a wide range can be easily found. Even tractors coupled with other tools can be used for drawing, pushing/pulling and towing. To carry out harvesting, threshing and cutting grain plants easily, combines are in practice now. To make sure herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers are sprayed properly on every plant, farmers trust sprayers nowadays.  With harvester, it is possible to automate harvesting conveniently. One can easily find mechanical harvesters such as strippers and pickers. Other tools available are:
1. Cutters & shredders: used to cut & shred useless plants and unwanted weeds.
2. Baler: used to transport, handle and store hay or straw. 
3. Field cultivator: used to stir & pulverize the soil, aerate soil and remove weeds. It buries the crop residues in the soil as well. 
4. Backhoe: used for digging purposes. 
5. Wheel tractor-scrapper: used for earth moving and removing weeds from the field. 
Other equipments upgraded for modern farming are harrow, grain cart, loader, huller and many more. 
Besides making agriculture easy, buying the right tools is also easy nowadays. Farm machinery online has made it possible to purchase top-class tools at very affordable prices. Specials deals, exciting offers and heavy discounts are also offered by the manufacturers at times. If you are connected to farming and purchase the equipments quite often, go online and get the tools that not only withstand harsh conditions but also withstand in every type of terrain.