Knee replacement also known as arthroplasty, is the surgical procedure of replacing the damaged or worn out knee with an artificial joint in order to restore the proper functionality of the knee and relieve the pain.

Candidates for Partial Knee Replacement

Unicompartmental knee replacement is recommended to the patients whose arthritis is limited only to one area of the knee. It is also intended for the patients with joint diseases resulting from degeneration, rheumatoid and post traumatic arthritis and from moderate deformity limited only to specific area of the knee. The surgeon removes the diseased cartilage or the bone from the damaged area preserving the ligaments that help supporting the knee joint.

Benefits of Partial Knee Replacement

Partial knee replacement procedure is more economical to total knee replacement in adults and an attractive option for young patients as well with its advantages listed as follows:

  • Minimal blood loss: The surgery involves minimum blood loss as the incision made to gain the access to the affected compartment of the knee is very small. The damaged bones and cartilages are removed gently without affecting other areas of the knee. This surgery takes less time for completion.

  • Quick recovery:The patients are expected to stay for only one or two nights in the hospital. The patients are made to walk on the same day with a support or independently. Patients can expect to get back to their daily routine within three to six weeks. Following proper physical rehabilitation, they are able to get back to the sports ground as well.

  • Fewer complications: As only the damaged compartment of the knee is to be replaced with an artificial component, preserving the healthy bone and cartilages, the complications get reduced. The surgeon is aware of the damage and hence uses robotic tool or computer assisted techniques to carry out the surgery precisely.

Partial Knee Replacement Cost in India

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