For years couples have been told to try harder if they are experiencing difficulties becoming pregnant. Now research studies are finding that this may actually be interfering with a couple's fertility. The stress that can result from not being able to become pregnant may be what is causing the problem in the first place. Recent studies are showing that couples who are not stressed have a higher chance of getting pregnant than couples who a worried or tense. This can be especially true for men who can see a dramatic decrease in their sperm levels when they are stressed or feeling anxious.

Stress linked to male fertility

There are several things that need to occur for a man to be able to get his partner pregnant and it includes the following;

* A man must be able to produce healthy sperm and this begins during puberty when the male reproductive organs are growing. A man needs at least one of his testicles to be working properly in order to produce testosterone and the other male sexual hormones that are responsible for the production of sperm. 

* Sperm is produced in the testes and travels through the small tubes to be mixed with the semen, which is them ejaculated out of the penis during an orgasm. If the tubes are blocked or torn, the sperm that is necessary to fertilize the egg will not be released with the rest of the ejaculate. 

* A man's sperm count is also important, and if it is lower than the average 15 million sperm per milliliter of ejaculate the chances of a woman becoming pregnant is dramatically reduced. 

* If your sperm are lethargic or unable to move, they won't be able to fertilize the egg. This will also decrease a couple's chances of becoming pregnant. 

Any of these problems with male fertility can be caused by stress or tension. When stress levels build in the body it can interfere with the production of the hormones necessary for healthy sperm production, and it can also interfere with a man's sexual performance. Research has shown that when men are stressed, the body produces a greater amount of cortisol. This hormone can not only inhibit the production of healthy sperm, it can also cause a decrease in a man's sexual drive, both of which will affect his fertility and ability to get his partner pregnant. 

Reducing Stress to Improve Male Fertility 

Even though researchers are still not clear on how stress affects male fertility, they do know that the two are linked. To lower stress and increase a man's sperm count there are some treatments that can help. Most health care experts recommend staying away from supplements since some of the side effects can also negatively affect sperm counts. While the most common advice will be to decrease your stress levels by relaxing and slowly letting the tension leave your body, there are other methods that can also increase a couple's chances of becoming pregnant. 

* Avoiding the use of lubricants can improve the function of your sperm, and make it possible for them to reach and fertilize a woman's egg. 

* Many health care experts recommend having sex more often. Not only will this help to relieve stress and tension, it can also reduce the anxiety many men feel when they are having difficulty getting their partner pregnant. Having intercourse more frequently also increases a couples chances of becoming pregnant in the first place. 

* The best time to have sex, when you are trying to become pregnant is when she is ovulating. This normally occurs between her monthly periods, and will give your sperm a better chance of reaching the egg when it is released from the fallopian tubes.


It is not uncommon for couples to have difficult becoming pregnant, and stress has been linked to male fertility. While researchers still are not sure why, men who are stressed do tend to have a lower sperm count. There are methods and breathing exercises that are designed to help men relax, when this is added to having sex more often the chances of her becoming pregnant are greatly increased. If you are having problems getting your partner pregnant, simply take a deep breath and remember that sex is supposed to be enjoyable and not stressful. With this in mind you should have an easier becoming pregnant and enjoy sex without any pressure.