Internet of things, intelligent hardware, automotive electronics, industrial 4.0, etc. to the sensor has brought great market opportunities. Based on the huge opportunities and fragmentation of the market demand, MEMS sensors become Sensor a new opportunity for the development of sensors, focusing on small and medium-sized companies to start the platform companies continue to emerge. As the most important component of the Internet of things perception layer, the sensor has become one of the key points of policy support. Large funds will support the development of things, focusing on investment in sensors, MEMS sensors and other fields. Ministry of Industry and Electronics Division, director of the integrated circuit Ren Renguang said, the Ministry of Industry is developing a sensor development plan.
    Although after nearly a decade of development, we initially built the sensor industry chain, but still face a great challenge. China's sensor is facing four major challenges: products in the follow-up stage, product indicators and reliability behind similar products in foreign countries, research and development capabilities need to be vigorously improved; products concentrated in the low-end, smaller, domestic sensor manufacturers generally weak profitability; The integration of hardware, multi-sensor fusion, software algorithms, low power consumption, intelligent and other aspects of the general lack of domestic, in the future development of the key capabilities of the sensor. Manufacturing Speed Sensor is the development of China's sensor industry can not open around the homeless. Domestic design products can not be manufactured in the country, must get Europe and the United States and Japan to create, resulting in high cost, seriously affect the competitiveness of Chinese sensors want to be competitive in the international arena, we must speed up the construction of their own manufacturing capacity. The package has become a bottleneck in the development of Chinese sensors. The current challenges are: how to RF MEMS sensor package, the MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems), IC (integrated circuit) and wireless communications (wireless) packaged into SOC chip, and in line with 'low power consumption, low cost, small size 'And so on.

   By integrating MEMS and integrated circuits into one, MEMS sensors are becoming new opportunities for sensor development. MEMS sensors will become an important technology for the Internet of Things and information age. Faced with the future 5G communication needs, RF MEMS sensor will become a better solution, but also an important integration technology. The ambiguity of the concept may lead to China's MEMS sensor again 'from the early morning, catch a late set', to the backward 'old road.' At present, there is Throttle Position Sensor a phenomenon in the industry, we talk about MEMS sensors refers to a simple sensor, but this may be biased, MEMS sensors are micro-electromechanical systems and sensors integration, which is more complex than a single sensor, integrated technology. If you can not recognize this, may result in research and development and industrialization from the mainstream direction and the actual needs.

   Platform construction is becoming the focus of industry attention and practice. SIMTAC will be based on IMEC, the construction of special financial platform, through innovative business models and one-stop technical support services for the industry's small start-up companies down the 'three high' (high input costs, high-tech threshold, high risk). As an IC design company and one-stop service provider, Can Semiconductor has established Pressure Switch  a one-stop IP platform resource for small and medium-sized design companies by working with Synopsys, Cadence and Mentor, a leading global leader in IP / EDA. Shanghai Micro Technology Industry Research Institute will build the first 8-inch 'beyond Moore' research and development pilot line, the deployment of MEMS, RF, silicon-based III-V, 3D integration, MR magnetic sensing, power and biological related processes and Measuring equipment, and develop a complete, reliable process.