Do you know how to assemble your anime body pillow? If not, here I would love to share with you the tutorial to you--How to assemble your anime body pillow. Let's focus on anime body pillow, and we are going to have a look at the right way to assemble your waifu pillows. Here we go!

A while back I actually devised a relatively easy way to assemble my own inner pillow. That pillow has served me well for over a year, and until now I've helped a number of people make a pillow of their own. To save myself some effort, I decided to just make a post that I can link to. Yay laziness ^.^

Anyway, first things first, this tutorial is meant for people that live in the US. Unfortunately, I do not know anything about plush brands in other countries, so I can not help.

To start with, you will require 2 items; a shell and a few pounds of plush (this bit is technically a few items...). The shell is a blank, white 2WT cover. I specifically recommend this because the DHR has somewhat of a stretchy shell, so the idea was to get something that would emulate the feel of a DHR as closely as possible. The shell can be acquired from CuddlyOctopus (link on the right), and can be ordered by just sending them an email requesting to order one. The shell is $45 plus shipping; because of the shipping, I would personally recommend ordering a cover or two with it if you want one since it won't drive up the shipping cost much.

The second item(s) you need is a few pounds of plush. You will need (very specifically), 3 24oz bags of this plush. You can get an extra bag if you want to add more stuffing, but 72oz is about how much is in a DHR probably. I am very specific about the product (which is why I only recommend the DIY method to US customers) because it is a special, top-shelf plush that is just about the same exact stuff in a DHR. It is much softer and smoother and has a much longer shelf life than ordinary plush. I recommend Joann Fabrics specifically because you can typically get 40-60% off coupons off the site and the plush frequently goes on sale, so if you play your cards right you will be able to get the plush for pretty cheap. Plus you will be waiting on the shell for at least a few weeks anyway, so there's not much reason to not spread it out (unless you live really far from a Joann store).

In that way, we could finish our job on assembling anime body pillows, and now let's start to enjoy the great work from our efforts.